Sniper's Hide First Look - Atlas 5H Bipod

Quick Look at the New Atlas 5H Bipod from B&T Industries

B&T Industries has released its much anticipated Atlas 5H Bipod.  While several have trickled out to customers, Sniper's Hide wanted to give you a quick look at the bipod. 

Sniper's Hide

If you followed it's progress in the Sniper's Hide Forums, you can find a lot of details from Kasey Beltz, the owner of B&T.  Be sure to check the details as we have 6 pages of conversation regarding this new bipod. 

It's designed for larger, Magnum Caliber rifles, everything from the 338LM to the .50 Cal.  And was specifically tested with heavy recoiling weapon systems. 

General Specs 

- 15* +/- of PAN and CANT

- Weighs approximately 26 ounces

- Height range of approximately 5.5 – 10.5”

- Swappable optional feet and extensions available

- The 5-H PAN and CANT can be locked out at top dead center

- Available in black with Heat Treated Stainless Steel components

- PAN and CANT Tension Wheel has Detent adjustability and Cam-Lock

- PATENTED multiple deployable leg positions of 0, 45, 90, 135 and 180*

- Multiple mounting options to include proprietary B&T Ind. L.L.C. offerings

- Made from the best materials for the respective application right here in America

- The 5-H incorporates our current Patents and additional Patent pending design elements

Retails as shown in the video is $410USD 

We are looking forward to getting out and trying this on our big guns.

From Sniper's Hide Forum Member : Kaiserranger we have a comparison photo 


Desert Tech 338LM SRS 

This way you can get an idea of the size comparison vs the original Atlas Bipod.  Puts the two in context. 

As always thanks to Kasey and everyone at B&T Industries for supporting the shooting community. They listened to the man on the street and developed a new product to suit the shooter's needs.