Bighorn Arms New TL3 Action

Bighorn Arms has moved from Brighton, Colorado to Bennet Nebraska and is revamping their line of floating bolt head actions. Take a look at the new TL3 Action being released this year.

Sniper's Hide traveled to Bennet Nebraska to visit the new Bighorn Arms facility which was now part of the Zermätt Arms company.  Originally Bighorn Arms was local to me here in Colorado. AJ Goddard was working as a one man shop, and producing some outstanding actions. However the demand was overwhelming his capacity.  Going from 200 actions a year, but over 2000 actions. Partnering with ZAI, this allowed also AJ to move forward with some new innovations bringing them to introduce the new TL3 Action.

Controlled Feed, Mechanical Ejection and so much more 

Being introduced this year at SHOT SHOW, the Bighorn TL3 action has several changes worth noting.

1. Controlled Feed

2. Mechanical Ejection

3. Pinned Picatinney Rail

4. Choices in tangs, Heavy, Medium, and Trimmed

5. New Bolt Knobs

6. Wider Ejection Port

7. Same Bighorn Arms Floating Bolt head capability of switcing calibers

8. Bayonet Style Bolt Shroud for easy take down

9. AW Magazine Cut in the TL3 

These are huge changes to the line, and something that will resonate with guys who want versatility in their actions.  By using the Savage Barrel patttern they can swap calibers from .223 to a WSM and everything inbetween.  Changing  barrels using the same Savage style barrel nut, means no gunsmith necessary.  One rifle can truly do more. 

Bighorn Arms has an excellent reputation in the precision rifle community, a lot of top Smiths are using them, guys like Josh @ Patriot Valley and Moon at Cresent Custom.   

Smaller Calibers 

Because of the versatility of this action, the guys at Bighorn gave me a demonstration with the smaller calibers like the 6mm Dasher. This cartridges feed flawlessly from a magazine in this action. A lot of PRS Competition shooters are going to smaller, 6mm calibers because of the reduced recoil and high muzzle velocity. So if you are interested in a 6mm Dasher, Bighorn has your solution. 

Bighorn Actions can also handle .223 making for an excellent training rifle that can quickly converted into your game gun. Shoot a .223 during the week and compete with a 260REM on the weekend saving your barrel life. 

The TL3 will not hit the streets until June / July, but take a look... 

If you are going to the 2016 SHOT Show, you can find the Bighorn Arms guys at the ThunderBeast Suppressor booth. Stop by, see AJ, and get your hands on a TL3.