6.5 Guys Shot Show Coverage Part One

Check out the incredible video coverage of the 2016 SHOT SHOW by Ed & Steve, the 6.5Guys ! All your favorite companies interviewed in one place

Ed & Steve of the 6.5Guys did an incredbile job interviewing more than 50 companies for the 2016 SHOT SHOW.  Here is part one of their coverage.

Be sure to visit the 6.5Guys website as well as their YouTube Channel  if you like this kinda of stuff, be sure to hit their Donate buttom to support them. 

Seekins Precision 

US Optics 

B&T Industries - Atlas Bipods 

Badger Ordnance 

Vortex Optics 

Nightforce Optics 

American Rifle Company 


Ashbury Precision Ordnance 

Drake Associates 

Desert Tech 

Tangent Theta Scopes 

IOR Valada Scopes 

Mega Arms, Killer Innovations 

Kahles Optics 

Bushnell Optics 



Manners Composite Stocks 

GA Precision 

Shadowtech / Hog Saddle 

Part Two will be coming in a few days, so check back with us and thanks again to Ed & Steve for their excellent Shot Show coverage