6.5 Guys Interview Frank Galli from Sniper's Hide

See the extended Shot Show interview the 6.5 Guys did with Sniper's Hide

Shot Show is a very busy time for everyone attending. No one was busiers than Ed & Steve of the 6.5 Guys. Their coverage was probably the best out there.  Nobody interviewed more companies and highlighted more products than these two. 

We were very fortunate to be able to sit down with Ed and Steve for an extended interview.  We coverage the Show, Sniper's Hide in general and most importantly, the 2016 Sniper's HIde Cup.

This year the Sniper's Hide Cup will be taking place the weekend of June 25th in Colville Washington. Just north of Spokane.  The property is managed by Carl Taylor of In Motion Targets and the Reality TV, Long Range Reality.  This venue provides some very unique features. 30,000 acres next to the Columbia River overlooking Canada.  We plan to run the Cup as a field event on this picturesque property.  The main difference this year will be the fully automated electronic scoring system created by Carl Taylor.   His targets are linked via an extended network which will communicate back to main computer as well as a Tablet each Range Officer will use.  Rather than just indicate if the target was hit, this will actually score the hit.  

So check out the interview, and we hope to see you at the 2016 Sniper's Hide Cup in 2016. 



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