Ashbury Precision Ordnance RSTA-II Tripod Adaptor

Shot Show interview with Ashbury Precision Ordnance and a look at the RSTA-II Tripod Adaptor

Shooting off a tripod is an essential skill for the tactical shooter.  The majority of us use a manfrotto tripod with something like a Hog Saddle from Shadow Tech.  And this serves us great.  The problem starts when we begin to use heavier rifles and the standard manfrotto ball or joystick heads.  We need to go to the extremes of the adjustment range in order to hold up our heavier tactical rifles.  In most cases it's very difficult to smoothly pan, tilt, and track with the manfrotto heads.  For increased stability many have taken to mounting the Hog Saddle direclty to the tripod center column however this completely remove the adjustability.  It's pretty tough to track a moving target when the tripod mount is fixed. 

Enter Ashbury Precision Ordnance and their RSTA-II Tripod Adaptor 

At Shot Show this year I was able to catch up with Matthew Peterson of APO to discuss the RSTA-II 

See the interview in the video above. 

Sniper's Hide

Even with a 300 Norma Magnum rifle the APO RSTA-II is able to give me all the stability, and most importantly, adjustability I need to use the rifle effectively. 

Able to hold rifles up to 35LBS in place, including .50 Cals, the RSTA-II is versatile without being bulking and adding an ungodly amount of weight to the tripod system. 

Check out the Ashbury Precision Ordnance Blog post on the Subject, RSTA-II Blog Post 

And look out for more Sniper's Hide video using the system.   We are now incorporating the RSTA-II into all our precision rifle training because of the ease of use and versatility.  No other ball or joystick head performs the same, and combined with a Hog Saddle, it's a lethal tool for the tactical shooter. 

Visit the Ashbury Precision Ordnance for more details