Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Ep 10

Sniper's Hide post SHOT 5- Shot Friday Ep 10, with Sain Defense, Kestrel, and the SilencerCO Radius

Welcome to another episode of Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday.  

This week we rehash some of the highlights from the Sniper's Hide website and forum in case you missed it.  

We point you towards the outstanding SHOT SHOW Coverage by the 6.5 Guys Ed & Steve.  Sniper's Hide has their 50+ interviews hosted on the main page as well as in the forum. Check out the videos from companies all across SHOT SHOW.  No matter where you go on the internet this was the best SHOT SHOW Coverage out there.  

Kestrel @SHOT

Sniper's Hide

This year at Shot show, I brought my oldest Kestrel Weather Meter to take advantage of their trade in program.  Kestrel does take trade ins on older meters, gives you a little something for them and then, donates the meters to the  This is Brian Sain's group and one of the better causes out there.  They put the necessary gear in the right people's hands. 

Sain Defense 

Sniper's Hide

Speaking of Brian Sain, he has created Sain Defense.  One of the first products coming out will be his enhanced Cleaning Kit. Brian put a lot of effort into this kit and I am excited to use it and review it for Sniper's Hide. 

It's small, adaptable, and ready for the field.  TAB GEAR is making the pounch, and the rods are uniquely designed to keep much of them off the barrel. 

Stay tuned for the complete review of the Sain Defense Cleaning Kit 

SilencerCO Radius 

Sniper's Hide

Sniper's Hide attended the SilencerCO Maxim Vice event in Key West FL and the Radius Laser Rangefinder for a highlight for me.  This is a compact, weapons mounted laser with an active and continuous scan feature.  Once mounted on the weapon, you aim the unit with a visible laser  and then just point the reticle at the target.  

Sniper's Hide is gonna start off reviewing this unit right away.  So stay tuned for more details 

Sniper's Hide Forum Updates 

Don't forget in the forum we have added email notifications and the App has been updated several times to include image posting.  Each more there are additions and bug fixes to improve the forum experience.  Be sure you are using the mobile / new site and not the classic mode to get all the features. 

See ya next week... 


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