Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Ep 11

A Sniper's Hide week in review, we'll talk the Vortex AMG, Bartlein Barrels, Griffin Armaments' RSTA Suppressor and more ...

Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Episode 11 

A quick video at the Sniper's Hide week in Review. 

Bartlein Left Hand Gain Twist Barrel 

Griffin Armament RSTA Review 

Vortex Razor HD AMG 

Sniper's Hide

We have been going out this week with the Vortex Razor AMG, and people are asking me every day for my initial impression of the scope.  

I am really excited about this optic, and you can catch my initial results in the video above. 

The Longest Kill by Craig Harrison 

Many may remember Craig as the British Sniper with one of the longest kills in Afghanistan using an Accuracy International 338.  We have a copy of Craig's book we will be reviewing. If you interested in his story, check it out on Amazon.