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Sniper's Hide Online Training Lesson, Test your Fundamentals of Marksmanship with this NPA Drill

The Fundamentals of Marksmanship are the building blocks to all great shooting.  By focusing on, and fine tuning your fundamentals, success is virtually assured.  We fall back on these fundamentals when things become stress or are moving quickly. 

In the prone position with a heavy rifle, we can get away with a lot. As demonstrated in the video. The ground, and the weight of the rifle takes care of a lot of our issues.  We see it with guys who slap the trigger and do not follow through.  They set the trigger light, and skip follow through yet they are still hitting their targets.  Get them off their belly and things change very fast. 

We never lose when we set the conditions and control the situation. 

Take the situation out of control, and all of the sudden things look much different. It's one of the reasons that great local shooter never steps up to a national competition.  They know where their strengths and weakness lies. As long as they can manage the variables, they know they will always win.  Unfortunately that pesky Match Director gets in the way of a lot of people.  Nevermind the competition. 

The drill above I am demonstrating from the prone because I am alone and it requires me to move a great deal to close the scope cap.  With a second person on the line with us, we can focus on our fundamentals without moving allowing us a wider variety of positions to practice this from.   Don't just focus on the prone, as a tactical shooter you are an across the course shooter.   Practice this drill in all the positions you may encounter.




Unsupported kneeling, etc.... 

Set up on the targets, adjust your Natural Point of Aim, and have your shooting partner close off the sight picture with the scope cap.  Don't just fire immediately but give yourself a good solid 10 count or more.  If you immediatelly shoot, you are wasting the opportunity. 

This drill will also identify trigger control issues, will tell you if your position is pushing or pulling the shot. By where it impacts on the target you can diagnose the problem.  Shooting is an "IF / Then" proposition. If you do "X" then "Y" will happen.  

Use some distance to throw all the variables into the shot. I did this drill at 450 yards on a 12" wide plate. The wind was blowing between 8 MPH and 10 MPH so be sure to manage the wind if you go out to distance.  A lot of people who hold for wind will set up on the target and then muscle the wind hold.  Be sure to practice the wind hold as part of your initial set up.  

Hope  you enjoy this Sniper's Hide Online Training Lesson.   We have a lot more in the Premium Online Training section of the Sniper's Hide website.  For a few dollars a month you get instant access to all the lessons as well as private forum section to discuss any specific problems you may encounter with your personal shooting.   

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