Core Shooting 500 Yard Mover Stage AAR

Sniper's Hide looks at Stages from the Accuracy International Long Range Classic At Core Shooting Solutions

PRS Events are fast paced and can be intimidating for new shooters.  Sniper's Hide was just at the Accuracy International Long Range Classic Competition hosted by Core Shooting Solutions in Baker Florida.   

We wanted to break down several stages from the match and give a new shooter an inside look at what it might take to successfully engage targets during a PRS Competition. 

It's a skill to look at a stage and then within the short time limit find the best way to negotiate the obstacles presented.  Some people "Game" the stage better than others, so rather than being the last to know because you are new to this type of competition, we break it down for you. 

Hittng the target still depends on a few basic things, like the fundamentals of marksmanship, and building a good solid position.  You also need to to be able to adjust to changes when the plan does not work out.  We talked to Core Team Shooter, Scott Satterlee about the 500 yard mover stage at Core. This was considerd one of the most difficult stages and Scott breaks this down for us.  He also shows us how his rifle, equipped with a MPA Chassis helped him successfully engage the 10" plate at 500 yards. 

All the stages at Core Shooting during the Accuracy International Long Range Classic were 2 minutes in Duration. They required the shooter to take 8 to 12 shots on average. Most of those shots were divided among several positions. Like in the bus.  2 Shots from 5 windows. 

Lastly, make sure you have solid dope for your rifle. If you are fighting elevation variations there is very little chance you'll hit the targets presented. Wind..... is, so we know we are always gonna be adjusting for that, but the elevation should be perfect.  Properly doping your rifle and adjusting for the change in locations based on that particular competition is key.  I zeroed my rifle and doped it in Colorado, then traveled to Baker FLA.  My zero was perfect on arrival, never needing an adjustment and my TRASOL Data was spot on, I put the correct DA in my Ballistic Screen and copied my range card to my RE Factor Wrist Commander and I was spot on all weekend. 

Look for more After Action Reports from the Accuracy International Long Range Classic and thanks to Scott Satterlee and Core Shooting Solutions for the help in bringing these videos to you.