Sniper's Hide Bullet Points Episode 1

Check out Sniper's Hide video series of "Bullet Points", short features for precision rifle shooters

Today starts our Bullet Point Series of videos, we get a lot of questions via email and Private Messages on the forum so we want to answer them in video form as well as provide the viewer with some Pro Tips for shooting a precision rifle.

In Episode 1 we talk about the gear I personally use for Precision Rifle Competition. Specifically what I use in PRS Type Matches.

My two main sources of gear are Rifles Only and TAB GEAR which is purchased from Mile High Shooting Accessories here in Colorado.  Rifles Only has a new line of nylon gear as well they carry bags and slings from WieBad and SAP.   The Wiebad Pillow in the video is from Rifles Only out of Texas. 

TAB Gear is a very good friend of Sniper's Hide and makes quality nylon gear for the precision rifle shooter.  From their well known suppressor covers to simple rear bags, they are my primary source of nylon gear.  Available at Mile High Shooting, you can find everything from slings to suppressor covers there. 

If you want your question answered on Bullet Points, drop me a note in the forum, or sent me an email, 


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