Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Episode 15

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This week we were lucky enough to beat the foul weather here in Colorado and spent a great day at the range.  We are finalizing our Sain Defense Cleaning Kit Review. This is a great new field kit from Brian Sain, founder of AmericanSnipers.Org 

Sniper's Hide

Sniper's Hide was featured on the Michael Bane Outdoor Channel Show, Shooting Gallery. This episode was dedicated to the Ruger Precision Rifle and we brought our customized Ruger RPR out to show Michael and put some rounds downrange.   I want to thank the crew of Shooting Gallery we had an awesome time.

Bullet Points 

This week we launched a new video Series called Bullet Point.  Short videos focusing on the questions asked here on the Sniper's Hide Forum.  We put the answers into a short video so everyone can enjoy 

If you want to ask me a question about anything Precision Rifle related, head over to the forum and shoot me a Private Message, I can be found under SHLOWLIGHT 

Lastly I want to thank everyone who signed up for the Online Training Premium Membership this week.  Scout ran a 3 month special, and a lot of you took advantage of the offer and signed up.  

We just added another lesson, Understanding your ColdBore, and after several years of offering these lessons, I am happy to say, the feedback has been super positive. 

Here is an old video teaser for the online training, 

Remember the Premium Membership for Sniper's Hide gives you access to the Online Training lessons just like we have been doing since 2009. This is not to use the site in any other way, it just for the Training Lessons.  Some people have confused the premium membership with the need to view the site or think charging for the Online Training is something new. It's the same service at a lower rate. 

Thanks again and have a great week 

Sniper's Hide 

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