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Check out return to zero test and Sniper's Hide review of the American Patriot Arms 34mm Rings

People are always looking for options when it comes to rings and mounting their scope.  One of my biggest pet peeves is guys who buy inexpensive mounts originally meant for AR15s thinking they will get the same level of quality for the precision rifle.   This is a completely different animal, you can't buy a $100 mount looking to take advantage of the QD capablities and think you are gonna maintain your zero or accuracy with your precision rifle. 

So rather than look at the QD mounts, I want to show you the APA Rings.  Jered Joplin from American Patriot Arms designed and built these precision rifle rings so you can remove the scope and not worry about losing your zero.  How he does this is the unique angle and clamping system incorporated into his rings. 

Available in both 30mm and 34mm with a variety of heights from, 

  • .856"
  • .950"
  • 1.125"
  • 1.250"

APA Rings are made from Hard Black Anodized Aluminum, with Titanium beta cross bolts and jaws. They are not only good looking rings, but built to work.  So to demonstrate this Sniper's Hide put these rings to the test by shooting them at both 100 yards and 450 yards to demonstrate the return to zero capabilities. 

Any way you slice it, if the goal is to use your scope and rings on two different rifles, you're gonna have to rezero your scope.  But what if the idea is to take the scope off and put the rifle in the safe and then re-mount the scope when you go out to shoot?  With these rings you can do that.  Others may remove the scope for traveling, opting to attach it when they get to their destination.  Odd, but okay, whatever the reasoning you might use to buy a cheap QD Mount, these rings will beat them. 

How we Tested 

Sniper's Hide

So what I did was zero my Accuracy International Rifle with a Nightforce ATACR 5-25x Scope.  We did this at 100 yards which would be my typical zero distance.  Then after shooting a group, I completely removed the scope via the rings and replaced it in order to check our zero.  One technical note, I did not "Torque" these rings in place during any part of my testing. I highly recommend you torque your rings in place as consistency breeds accuracy.  This is one of the issues I have with AR15 style mounts, the inability to torque them in place.  With precision rifle rings we all know there is a recommended torque value.  Anywhere from 15 inch pounds on the top screws and 65 in pounds on the cross bolts.  

In order to take this test farther, we also repeated the process and shot the group at 450 yards.  

With shooting, we have angles and the farther you go out the bigger the angle is.  So if we have an error at 100 yards we can easily mask it by our group size.  So you want to take the angle out farther in order to see if the error exceeds the group size.  In this case, and particularly because of the conditions, (Windy is an understatement)  we used 450 yards.  Shooting a 308 in the gusting 15MPH+ wind is not gonna work out as well at 800 yards as it will at 450, so we used this distance to demonstrate. Still highly acceptable. 

The Rings 

American Patriot Arms

The video above demonstrates our results without a shadow of doubt. We tried to include every elements of the process without making it a 15 minute watch.  So we only edited it where we felt we needed too in order to reduce the viewing time. This is exactly how we did it with the results presented. 

We did shoot this drill twice, however the first time we had some audio issues.  However the original target we used for that test is also included in this video. I did not paste over it, or pretend I did not do this more than once.  Both sets are on display for the viewer to see.  This was not cherry picked to show something that took 3 tries to make happen.

If you are shooting a precision rifle, I highly recommend you invest in quality components.  APA Rings are an option for you out there that I consider quality. At $195 a pair, you can order these rings directly from the American Patriot Arms Website or you can call Jered Joplin and his team direct.  They also build a helluva rifle on top of making quality components. 

Thanks for following, and watching our video. 

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