H&K Wins the Army's CSASS Contract for New Sniper Rifle

H&K G28E replaces the KAC M110 for the Army's CSASS Contract

H&K has been confirmed as winning the Army's CSASS Contract worth $44.5 Million.  This is for just over 3600, 7.62 Sniper Rifles including parts and supplies. 

This is the rifle as it was displayed at this years's SHOT SHOW, it includes an OSS Suppressor, S&B 5-20x, and GDI PROM.

I reached out to GDI to discuss the final spec, however they were just returning from Overseas and did not have any details on the final configuration.

The GDI PROM is a QD / Throw Lever type mount with excellent return to zero capabilities.  

The CSASS was meant to replace the KAC M110 and reduce the overall size of the semi auto platform as well as increase accuracy and reliability.