Sniper's Hide Bullet Point Ep 7

When gathering dope on steel do you use a water mark to fine tune the relationship between your Point of Aim and Point of Impact ?

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Sniper's Hide

Shooting Steel is great, it's easy, effective and gives the shooter instant feedback.   But when gathering dope steel can be deceptive.  They are not always hung straight, some steel is mounted at an angle.  That angle can effect relationship between your point of aim and point of impact 

Consider adding a Water Mark, or Water Line, to your steel targets so you can fine tune the relationship between your point of aim and point of impact.

Sniper's Hide

This simple line will give you a consistent place to hold your reticle on the target then, you can see exactly where the groups strikes in relationship to high or low.  This is also extremely helpful with software as it gives you an offset to make adjustments if your strike is not perfectly centered up on your point of aim. 

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