Bullet Point Ep 8 Sig Kilo 2000 w/ LRI Mount

This episode of Sniper's Hide Bullet Point features the Sig Kilo 2000 LRF and LRI Kilo 2000 Mount. Extend the range of your Kilo 2000 by mounting it on a tripod.

Sig Kilo 2000

When Vectronix pulled the Terrapin the Precision Rifle World was deeply upset. This $2000 laser range finder was considered easily the best of it's class, and with it being discontinued Long Range Shooters were looking for a replacement.  The dilemma was, not moving up to the $3600+ units, hell you could spent $9000 for the PLRF 25c.  For some people that was an option, but for many others, the question was choosing between the best of the lower priced units like the Bushnell or the Leica.  Both solid units for the money, but like anything you get what you pay for, they were no Terrapin. 

Enter the Sig Kilo 2000 LRF.  Retailing at just $499.  Now a lot of lower cost rangefinders will advertising 800 yards, 1000 yards, even farther. But rarely do they deliver.  Once you get outside in the bright sunlight, the effective ranging of these units drops significantly.  That has not been the issue for me with the Kilo 2000. I have to found it to exceed my expetations more often than letting me down.  In terms of Bang for your Buck, the Kilo 2000 was on the right track. 

Now Sig advertises the unit will range animals, (deer) at 1200 yards, trees at 1500 yards and larger reflective targets to 3400 yards.  I have found that under the brightest conditions I am getting an average range of 1150 yards for cows (hand held), 1500 yards for telephone poles and 3000+ yards on houses and large RVs.   The key to success is finding out where in the large donut the laser is hitting as it's not perfectly centered. Tripod mounting the unit using something like the LRI Mount, (More on that later) I am able to hone in on the laser's location in the aiming circle so I can repeat the success.  Using a telephone pole at about 800 yards, I found the laser was hitting closer to 12 O Clock on my circle vs the center.  By keying in on this location I am able to range my targets more successfully than just holding center.  In another words, you want to DOPE The laser.  Using a mount helps a lot with this. 

Feature wise the Sig Kilo 2000 has some desirable attributes.  Like a 7x monocular which is an improvement over the Terrapin's 5x, and the following advertised features: 

AMR, for angled ranging featuring an inclinometer that gives the shooter a corrective distance.

Lightwave DSP, this helps speed up the reading and the Kilo 2000 returns a range fast. This is part of the HyperScan feature that returns the signal 4x faster. 

Lumatic OLED Display, the display in the unit is bright and easy to read. 

5 Year Warranty and their Infinite Guarantee which is a life time, fully transferable warranty for the unit. In other words no cards, no receipts, if you have an issue send it in. 

Hand Holding vs Mounted

LongRifles Inc,

Now if you want to get the most out of your laser, you have to mount it, and not hand hold the unit.  Not every one is skilled at holding them steady on target so the very best practice is to mount the Kilo 2000 to a Tripod.  One problem the unit does not have a mount or 1/4-20 threaded hole in the bottom. Sig says, there was just not enough room.  

Enter LongRifles Inc and Chad Dixon

LongRifles Inc,

A while back I saw that Chad made a mount for the Leica laser range finder and I asked if he could do the same for the Sig Kilo.  Of course he could was the answer and Chad does not disappoint. He got right on it, making mounts post haste. 

His mount is strong and simple to use. Just slide the Kilo 2000 in and you are all set.  The mount has a fancy see thorough LRI Logo and the words Sig Kilo 2000 engraved on it, and being cerakoted they are strong and ready to hit the field.

You can easily add 400 yards or more to the effectiveness of your ranging by mounting it. Now that is my personal experience your mileage may vary. Nobody is claiming this but me, I am just telling you from a practical standpoint, you are much more effective mounting it.  Taking the human error out of the equation helps a lot. 


LongRifles Inc,

When you look at what you get vs what you pay, the Sig Kilo 20000 paired with the LRI mount at an additional $75 is a bargain.  The unit works as advertised, noting that light conditions and the targets will have a bearing on the effectiveness. But for the average shooter, this is the perfect laser rangefinder to invest in without breaking the bank.  It's not out there for the ELR Folks, the stuff beyond 1000 yards is very dependent on the time of day, conditions, and target.  But on average I was hitting targets on my range just under 1200 yards, and the bigger the target the farther out it worked.  I was having no problems hitting a car at 1 Mile.  It works. 

The unit displays in both Meters or Yards, and will give you the last reading or using the AMR the corrective range 

If you are interested in the LRI Mount head over to the LRI Store and you can purchase one today.  Otherwise the Sig Kilo 2000 is ready to go out of the box. 

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LRI Kilo Mount Discussion 


Magnification- 7X

Objective Clear Aperture- 25mm

Exit Pupil- 3.6mm

Eye Relief- 15mm

Angular (FOV)- 6°

FOV 100 Yards- 34.6ft

Range Response- .25 SEC

Laser Divergence – 1.4 MRAD

Scanning- YES

Range Accuracy Under 100 Yards- .1 yds

Max Range- 3400yds (Reflective) 

1200yds (Deer) 

1500yds (Trees)

Weight (With Battery)- 7.5oz

Estimated Retail Pricing- $499.99