Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Ep 16

This week at Sniper's Hide we started our review of the Ashbury Precision Ordnance ASW300WM Rifle. See it in action.

Reviewing a Rifle 

Here at Sniper's Hide we get to review a lot of gear and when Ashbury Precision Ordnance sends something over, it is always a treat.  Their ASW300WM is the latest entry featuring their Saber LX Action. 

Many are not familiar with the Saber line of actions produced by APO, so we wanted to highlight one so people could see what it is all about. 

Sniper's Hide

Paired with their Modular Rifle Chassis, this makes for an impressive package.  The Saber FORSST Chassis has something for everyone.  There are base models to get you started, including models for the Savage platform, all the way to the Carbon Fiber big dog designed for calibers like the 375CT.   The modular features of these chassis allows the end user to grown into the system with the ability to configure however they like. 

Sniper's Hide

It's important when starting out I gather as much data with the rifles as possible. Generally speaking I'll put 500 to 1000 rounds through a rifle before finalizing a review as I don't want any surprises.  It's not something I knock out in a day, or a weekend. It generally takes me about 45 days to complete a review. That goes for anything.  Over the years people have been bit by one days reviews only to find the product fail shortly after.  

So be sure to follow us and watch the progress of the APO ASW300WM Review 

I also want to thank RUAG for the 220gr 300WM Ammunition.  The SWISS P line is awesome stuff and makes our job that much easier to have access to quality ammunition 

Bullet Point Videos 

Be sure to check out our Bullet Point Videos, we not only answer questions via video, but throw in some training and short reviews. They are designed to be fast and simple.  We want you to be able to watch them without investing a 1/2 hour of your time. 

If you want a question answered or a topic discussed in a Bullet Point Video be to stop in the forum and drop me a note.  It's not uncommon for me to get the same question ask over and over which I try to address in these Bullet Points videos.  Beats trying to read all this stuff. 

Thanks for watching 5 Shot Friday and enjoy