Sniper's Hide Looks at the Mausingfield Action

The past meets the present in this Precision Rifle Mashup, the American Rifle Company's Mausingfield action gives a little to everyone.

ARC Mausingfield Action

LongRifles Inc,

American Rifle Company is quietly run by a Mad Scientist, one straight out of Mary Shelley. Ted K (Courageous) is a of modern day Dr Frankenstein. In the highly competitive precision rifle world coming up with something unique is hard. We have a long history of some really worthwhile products, and while they maybe replaced with the latest and greatest, there is no shortage of people wishing for the way things used to be. Enter the Mausingfield action from American Rifle Company.

The Mausingfield takes the best part of the Mauser, Springfield and Remington Actions combining all these dissimilar designs and mixing them up into a single successful Action. Just like Dr Frankenstein, if he built rifle actions. In fact it pulls from even more companies then just those 3, so let’s break it down a bit.

  • Mauser 98 Claw Extractor
  • M1903 Springfield Inertial Ejector
  • Remington Triggers
  • Savage Barrels

That is quite a mix, plus you can use it in to a majority of Remington 700 stocks and components without any issue. Putting it simply, it has a M700 footprint. It’s a rifle connoisseurs dream mashup. Chassis, bottom metal, stocks, triggers, magazines, the majority of them work with very few exceptions.

Sniper's Hide

It does not stop there, it includes Toroidal Bolt lugs so it doesn’t need lapping, and the bolt head is interchangeable so you can swap it out. Not just calibers within the same family but others like magnum calibers. ARC offers the following bolt heads, .474, .536, and .589. So you can go from your 308 cartridge family to 300WM, up to 338, heck even the 300NM. A Long and Short Action are available for each, though the long action is just beginning to hit the street.

Sniper's Hide

The rail on the Mausingfield is interlocking and interchangeable too, allowing the end user to purchase different cant amounts, 20MOA, 30MOA and 45MOA. It’s secured to the top if action via a rail that runs down the top of the action, so you are not limited to a single choice.

LongRifles Inc,

So that is the Mausinfield brew, the next question is, how does it work ?

Sniper's Hide

Well here at Sniper’s Hide we have been shooting one chambered by LRI for months. I tend to stay quiet on things until I have enough time behind the rifle to give an honest assessment. If I have not shot at least 1000 rounds through it, I find it a bit premature to jump in with both feet. Sure I can given you my initial opinion on almost anything, but it’s the long term that tells the tale. Getting a rifle on Wednesday, Shooting it Saturday & Sunday and then reviewing it on Monday is just not my style.

To date we have 16 pages of end user experiences and opinions on the Mausingfield and almost everyone agrees, it’s one of the Top Custom Actions on the market. (There is always that 1% who will complain, mostly because of the price) In fact, early on, LRI brought several of the best shooters armed with Mausinfield rifles to a Washington State Precision Rifle match, and put 5 of them in the Top 10. That is pretty impressive. Competition breeds failure and so far the performance has been first rate. I have not noted any reported failures.

From my own personal experience, I have not experienced a single issue, from feeding to ejection. Accuracy is a given, as there is so much more to accuracy than just the action. The primary purpose of any action is to move the round from the magazine to the chamber. In this case, the Mausingfield rivals it’s competition.

The downsides I have noticed with my personal build, the cerakote has tightened the bolt up a bit, but that is easy to manage. I use FireClean and it runs very well, over time it will wear, so if you plan on cerakoting the bolt, go as light as possible. Also you can single feed it, using a magazine is better, but it does work. I find with the Savage style barrels, you want to start the cartridge into the chamber so you don’t catch the bullet tip, but otherwise it works no problem. With the push feed design you are sure to catch the round so even if you don’t close the bolt, you can still eject an unfired round. This a big safety factor for me and I love it. Lastly it does not work with AW magazine, but I never recommend them in non-AI rifles. The AICS magazines were specifically designed to work with 2 lug actions, so trying to shovel an AW mag in has proven to be a bad idea. Use the AICS magazines and you’ll never have an issue. Ted recommends Accurate Mags because of the extra internal dimensions allowing you to load your rounds longer than unmodified AICS mags. We also have Magpul Mags now that are cheaper than both AICS and Accurate Mags. 

My overall assessment after months of use and 16 pages of end user experiences, it’s one of the top Custom Actions on the market.

Be sure to stop by the American Rifle Company Website and read the details on the Mausingfield including their catastrophic failure testing. Really great stuff there.

ARC M10 Rings

Sniper's Hide

Our Rifle is topped with a Vortex 3-18x Gen 2 Razor, we mounted it using ARC M10 Rings. ARC takes a bit of a different approach to their ring design in order to hold the scope while at the same time protecting the scope tube from damage. The clamshell design is meant to balance the pressure points when secured around the scope.

The spec’s on the ARC M10 from their website feature:

• QD pivoting rail clamp is faster and holds tighter than levers while accommodating variations in rail size without the need for adjustment.

• Crowned rail interface for precise return to zero.

• Recoil proof grip that will not mar or indent the scope tube.

• With only one rail clamp screw and one scope clamp screw per ring, installation is quick and easy, and reticle alignment is preserved while tightening screws.

• Single recoil slot engagement and  0.83” (21mm) ring width offers greater eye-relief adjustment.

• CNC machined from high-strength, light-weight 7075 aluminum.

• Anodized per Mil-A-8625 Type III (hardcoat).

• All stainless steel hardware including high-strength 410 stainless rail clamp screw.

• Recommended torque for both rail clamp and scope clamp screws is 50-55 in-lbs (5.6-6.2 Nm).

• M10 Rings are available in 1", 30, 34, 35, and 40mm diameters in heights ranging from 20 to 36mm. 

• M10 QD-L Mounts are available in 30, 34, and 35mm diameters, 35 and 40 mm heights, and inclinations ranging from 0 to 40 MOA.

• Height is the distance between the top of the rail and the center of the scope ring.

Good looking and secure, the rings are just another option for the precision rifle shooter out there. So be sure not to overlook these rings when mounting your new scope to your Mausingfield Action.

LongRifles Inc

LongRifles Inc,

Chad Dixon is the go to guy when it comes to the Mausingfield action. LRI is quickly building a reputation as one of the top Precision Rifle builders in the US. He is the primary point of contact for ordering and building Mausingfield action. 

If you want to see the ultimate example of what they can do, look no further than the Sniper’s Hide Cup Top Gun Rifle.

LongRifles Inc,

LRI put every ounce of experience into this unique, highly custom tactical rifle. It’s definitely a work of art.

Chad dropped my personal Mausinfield in an AI AT Chassis. Chambered in 6.5X47, the rifle has performed flawless for me, and accuracy is superb. I use factory Lapua ammo, and it hammers them in the black round after round. Zero issues with the small primers.

LRI sets the bar high, with everything they do. Not to mention their insanely fast turn around times. Check out their Facebook Photo Page to be truly Impressed. 

LongRifles Inc,

That is my long term look at the ARC Mausingfield from LRI and I would not hesitate to do it again.

LongRifles Inc Website 


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