Sniper's Hide Bullet Point Ep 11 Entry Level Rifles

Question comes up all the time, asking my opinion of a budget rifle purchase, so here are my thoughts on the subject

I get the question of what to buy all the time. Everyone is different, some are making very expensive purchases and they don't want to do it twice, others are just new and want the best entry level options.  So in this Bullet Point video I am discussion what I believe is the best entry level, Bang for the Buck, rifle and scope combination.  With things like the Precision Rifle Series Production Class, it's more important to get it right the first time.  But at the same time you want an upgrade route without having to start all over again. 

What I would do in your Shoes .... 

Sniper's Hide

For me the best bang for the buck is the Ruger Precision Rifle.  It's an affordable precision rifle specifically designed to answer this question and packs features no other sub-$1000 rifle has. Namely; 

  • 70 degree bolt throw for faster cycling 
  • 3 Lug Bolt design for reliable feeding from a variety of magazine types
  • A variety of magazine choices without the need to add inserts 
  • Folding stock for ease of cleaning and traveling 
  • Correct Twist Rates for long Range Shooting 
  • Good caliber choices from 243, to 6.5 Creedmoor, to 308
  • AR15 Furniture for a greater number of options 
  • Built in 20MOA Rail 
  • Safe, user adjustable trigger, now with aftermarket options 
  • Big Aftermarket Industry that grew Overnight 
  • A wide variety of upgrade options 

 All this makes the Ruger Precision Rifle that much more desirable over a Savage or Remington 700.  They are fine rifles and have solid upgrade paths, especially the Remington, but neither of them operate out of the box the way the Ruger does.  

I won't get into it, but many of you have seen my upgrade videos. If you have not, here is just one of them. 

Scope choices 

Sniper's Hide

There are so many great budget scopes, the question is, features, reticle, and long term durability.  I can't possibly list every single option but I can tell you want options have worked for people in the budget range. 

  • Burris XTR II 
  • Vortex 
  • Bushnell 
  • SWFA 
  • Nightforce SHV 

There are so many more, and don't forget to check out the used optic section of the Sniper's Hide Forum.  Great deals are out there.  

By no means is my list above complete or meant to say your choice is not the right one. Bluntly stated, there are just too many good choice to name them all. What works for you may not work for the next guy. 

Read the forum, and see what the end users are saying.  It's important to look at the real world results and not so much what is written in a magazine or on a site where they never shot them.  Everything looks great out of the box.  Durability, customer service is all important. It's not so much that a scope might break, but how the company handles it when it does. I have sent even the most expensive, $3000+ scopes back for repair. Doesn't diminish my ability to use them or my faith in the scope. It happens, deal with it and move on down the range.