Sniper's Hide Reviews: Sain Defense Cleaning Kit

Check out our Review of the SAIN Defense Field Cleaning Kit. This 30 caliber cleaning kit boasts some unique features, including the addition of "Bore Riders" .

SAIN Defense Cleaning Kit 

Sniper's Hide

Sniper's Hide takes a look at the SAIN Defense Cleaning Kit.  Sain Defense was founded by Brian Sain, a well known name in the Sniper Community. Brian is the founder of AmericanSnipers.Org.  After years working a Law Enforcement Sniper, Brian as branched out starting up Sain Defense.  His first product is this unique Cleaning Kit.  

What makes this field cleaning kit unique is the Bore Riders he uses to cushion the rod from contacting the barrel.  Free spinning when used with it's included T Handle, the handle serves a variety of purposes.

The T Handle has a section of picatinney rail as well as a 3/8th inch drive. (Correction in the video I mistakenly state 1/2")  The pic rail section allows the user to attach a small forward grip. Brian recommends the Larue model with it's QD throw lever.  It gives the user a solid handle for manipulating the cleaning rod.   It's strong and durable, which is great as handles are always a weak link. 

One of the things I like the most about this Sain Defense Cleaning Kit, is the use of solid rod sections.  It happens all too often that a stuck case needs to be knocked out of the chamber and most people only carry flexible solutions.  With solid, American Made Rods like Brian is using will serve you well.  The rod sections use standard, off the shelf 8-32 threads so you can use the most common brushes and jags out there.  Not having a proprietary thread pitch means you buy your accessories at the local Wal Mart.  Six sections are included and gives you 40 inches of  length perfect for just about any precision rifle barrel including a long 30 caliber ELR Rifle, or F Class Rifle.  

The Bore Riders are only included on the 7.62 variant of the cleaning kit and are made of quality 360 brass.  The bore riders are a great addition, and I hope something like this takes off. I like that the Bore Riders are part of the joint for the rod sections. Screwing into these riders covers that joint in a very positive way.  

Today the cleaning kit is only available in 7.62 and 5.56.  


The pouch for the cleaning kit is a vital part of the system. Built by Tony Burkes of TAB GEAR, the pouch has velcro inserts that let you specify how you want to set up and move the inserts. Talking with Brian he will be adding different inserts such as a back up dope card section to the kit.  Right now you have a rod and T Handle section and the Small Mat for protecting the components from the ground.  The folding mat is two sided that features a signal panel and colored Cordura matching the pouch.  This let's you maintain control of your parts.    Finally you have two zippered sleeves on each side of the pouch which allows the user to store small tools such as allen wrenches.  

Overall Opinion 

I highly recommend every precision rifle user carry a field cleaning kit as well as their tools specific to their rifle. We all travel and head the range so having something like this handy is a big plus.  You can buy the Sain Defense Cleaning Kit today from shops like Triad Tactical and Mile High Shooting Accessories so be sure to check them out. 

I really look forward to what Brian Sain and Sain Defense comes up with next. 

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