Sniper's Hide Bullet Point Ep 13 Clearing a Malfunction

Today most bolt action rifles used are magazine fed, this leads to increase in malfunctions. This Bullet Point Ep takes you through clearing a Double Feed with your magazine fed bolt action.

There are several drills when it comes to clearing a Malfunction in an AR15 / AR10 type rifle.  They have Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Stoppages with an AR and there is an associated clearing method for each. You don't see this with a bolt action rifle. Most describe malfunctions in a bolt action as failure to fire.   Problems like this are usually described as the firing pin not striking the primer because the bolt did not cock on manipulation.  In that case it is usually an improperly adjusted trigger, or some kind of dirt or debris gumming up the works.   Next they will talk about failure to extract or eject, in this case it's a mechanical issue that normally needs some kind of action that will not get you back in the fight any time soon.  Something under the extractor, or even a broken extractor, or debris like a brass shaving sticking the ejector. You see these cases when guys blow primers.  

Today the majority of Tactical Rifles have a magazine system included.  Now that we are magazine fed we see a lot more problems, most of them double feeds. Rounds maybe jarred loose from the magazine on a hard insertion, or the user short stroked the bolt and coming back again they push two rounds forward.   In this Bullet Point episode I go over a quick way to clear a Bolt Action Malfunction like a double feed. 

  1. Bolt Back 
  2. Magazine Out 
  3. Bolt Forward and Closed 
  4. Bolt Back 

Then reinsert the magazine and reengage the target.  

You should get an assist from gravity on the initial removal of the magazine and then close the bolt completely to capture any round that may have been pushed into the chamber.  This is a key component, that you close the bolt. Some people will just push the bolt forward and not close it, this will just push the round into the chamber and not capture it. When you close the bolt it grabs the casing which will allow you to extract it. 

I see it a lot in matches and have even done it myself, jamming the magazine in hard under time, with the bolt back, spilling an extra round or two into the action.  Clearing it quickly and efficiently will help you get back up and running as fast as possible.

Thanks for watching.

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