Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Ep 18

Check out the announcements in this week's 5 Shot Friday Episode. You won't want to miss what we're talking about.

Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday is your week in review with the Sniper's Hide website.  Here we catch you up on what you might have missed or what you can look forward too. 

This week, 

We launch a gear review featuring the Sain Defense Field Cleaning Kit.  This is the newest product from AmericanSnipers founder Brian Sain.  The 7.62 kit features the unique "Bore Riders" which is a great way to cushion the cleaning rods off the barrel.  This kit also has a great pouch from TAB Gear.  The pouch is special in that you can configure the design. Really good stuff from Sain Defense.


Bullet Point Episodes are always fun. They allow me to address your questions via video.  They are short, to the point, precision and long range rifle related topics. This week we featured a video on clearing a malfunction with your precision rifle.   We all know about the 3 types of malfunctions we can have with an AR15.  But very few address a malfunction in a precision rifle.  Because our tactical rifle are magazine fed, we need to think about this stuff.  So in this week's Bullet Point video we clear Double Feed with our Precision, Bolt Action Rifle.   

Check out the Video HERE 

Finally, this week we finalized a package with Cadex Defense to look a review their product line, including their Precision Rifles.  To start we will look at their CDX-Lite Strike 33 in 338LM. This is their most popular rifle and we'll be taking it out to ELR distances.  So stand by to check that feature.  We also have some special announcements you wont want to miss.  Well known in Canada, many people are not aware that Cadex Defense designed the chassis for Remington and the XM2010.  So be sure to follow Sniper's Hide and see what we have in store. 

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