Sniper's Hide Bullet Point Ep 14 Accuracy International Trigger Adjustment

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Sniper's Hide Bullet Point Ep 14  Adjusting your Accuracy International Trigger 

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This question comes up about every two weeks, how to adjust the Accuracy International AX, AT or AW triggers.  Many people don't understand the difference between an AI Two Stage Trigger and your typical Remington Style single stage trigger.  Also they confuse the adjustment properties as it compares to an AR Style Two Stage Match Trigger. 

A Single Stage Trigger is exactly as it sounds, its one motion to break and release the sear. This is the most common trigger out there. When you engage the trigger it breaks in single movement.  

A Two Stage Trigger is broken down into two movements, you have the 1st Stage which will move easily and then stop at a wall, where the 2nd Stage will begin and break similar to a single stage trigger. You find this trigger in more military type weapon system like the M16, and in this case like the Accuracy International Sniper Rifle.

There are aftermarket two stage trigger available, the CG Jackson Mod 22, David Tubb's T7, and others. But the Accuracy International is a bit unique. First off, it's a very simplistic design meant for the military sniper. It's bullet proof and reliable under a variety of terrible conditions.   The other thing, it's not designed as a match grade, super light trigger.  Believe me, with a bit of training you'll get used to it, but it's not gonna feel the same coming off a single stage trigger.  The extra movement bothers a lot of shooters and they try to adjust this movement out.  It's here that things go wrong.

I do not adjust my Accuracy International Triggers out of the Box. With the newer adjustable shoe version I move the shoe back, and that is it. I still manage to shoot tiny groups, so it's not case of needing an 8oz trigger to be precise, you can do it with a 3LBS AI, but you have to understand trigger control.   This is a key thing to note up front, the AI Manual explains the Maximum Adjustment is 2.0Kg and the minimum is 1.5Kg. This translate to about 3.3 LBS at the low end and 4.0 Pounds at the high end and it's set for 1.8Kg from the factory. Nowhere does it show you will get a 1LBS trigger break. But with proper technique that Two Stage is gonna be very light in the second stage. 

The Two Stage Trigger allows you to marry your finger to the trigger without the risk of the rifle firing.  This is how command fire works, you have to "Know' where the trigger breaks so you can fire on command. The idea that the trigger break should surprise you is a bit of a misunderstanding.  The long range shooter should always test a rifle's trigger before shooting it with a dry press. This way they will not accidentally light one off.   Once you have command of the trigger you can then start to get off you belly and shooting it understand a host of conditions.  I understand many do very well in PRS Type competitions using a very light single stage trigger. But these are seasoned shooters, and by the same token, there is always someone who will get a DQ because the rifle fired before they were ready. It's always that guy with a Jewel trigger set to 1LBS or less.  Team Accuracy International is racking up wins in the Precision Rifle Series, and they are stock triggers from AI as there is no aftermarket solution. This one trigger is proprietary to Accuracy International. 

Here is the Accuracy International Trigger Manual... if you have an AI Rifle, AI AX, AT, or AW /AE read this manual before you wrench on your trigger. 

Accuracy International does offer an Armor's Class which I highly recommend for Accuracy International Rifle Owners and especially for Police Departments that employ the AI Rifle. This class is usually hosted by groups like Mile High Shooting Accessories, the LE Distributor for Accuracy International.   The Armor's Class is awesome, you get hands on with the rifle and break it down to it's core components. 

Hope this helps, there is alway end user experiences in the Sniper's Hide Rifle Forum, as many people do and successfully adjust the AI Trigger, but you have to understand what you are looking to accomplish.