Sniper's Hide Bullet Point Ep15 Trigger Control FM1-3B

There is a bit of an inside joke here if you catch it. Either way, enjoy the reading and the awesome imagery I selected.

Okay, I had a bit of debate about some videos posted online with stock imagery and voice over work.  While we still see the FMFM1-3B, FM23-10, and TC-23-14 out on the street, they are very old and full of errors.  Also much of the techniques in these field manuals combine sling shooting with iron sights alongside shooting with a scope and rarely do they differentiate between the two . While the fundamentals of Marksmanship have not changed, the elements of a good shooting position have slightly.  Example, bone support was for sling shooting and not prone with a bipod or front rest.  It's important not to confuse the basic elements with the proper Fundamentals of Marksmanship.  They are: 

  • Natural Point of Aim 
  • Sight Picture 
  • Breathing 
  • Trigger Control 
  • Follow Through

For a new shooter we don't always know what is relevant today vs what they used circa 1978. Things change all the time.  In my classes I tell people from the beginnings of precision rifle shooting, especially scoped rifles, to 2001 things moved at a snails pace. We just repeated what the person told us the week before and carried about shooting. Today things are moving faster than the RoadRunner being chased by Wiley Coyote.  From 2001 to today, we have progressed farther than the previous 50 years.  So it's important to separate the good from the bad information out there. Just because it exists in a manual from 1994 doesn't mean it's 100% right.  

I get it, it's a starting point, and on that basis that is fine.  But nothing beats professional instruction by people who stay up to date. 

It may offend some, but it;s the harsh reality. In the AR and Handgun world they run instructors out of town on rails before they let them get away with passing on piss poor information. Personalities might fly for a little while but it alway catches up to people who try to fake it.  The internet is a double edge sword, it has good and bad information side by side.  So take care when you seek out this information and take it for gospel.   The truth can be eye opening. 

Thanks for listening and more so for watching.


Sniper's Hide