Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Episode 19, Shooting 1550 Yards and Beyond

Watch this week's Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday, with my Stupidest Things I read on Facebook, plus shooting beyond 1000 yards.

Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday, Episode 19 -- Shooting Beyond 1000 Yards. 

This week we look at the difference between good information put out by a credible source, vs really bad information put out by idiots.  Each week I am gonna add, "The Stupidest Thing I read on Facebook" to my week in review videos. 

There is a ton of bad information out there from people trying to repeat something they heard, or talk about something they saw and it's just plain terrible.  As an instructor we look at as a 80 - 40 - 20 prospect.  I can successfully impart 80% of my lesson to the student, who will absorb 40% of that information and then be able to leave class and accurately repeat 20% of that to someone else.  But what happens when it call goes to hell and they are just lost.  Well this is how I feel with all these Precision Rifle Facebook groups out there. 

These groups are started by guys, who to other groups and just start adding people. They figure if they can add 5000 names to their group, that some how opens the door to something.  But when you look at what is being passed around as information it's the worst game of telephone on top of a endless dick and fart jokes.  They turn into train wrecks and you're no close to finding out the truth than you were before being added to that group.   I get added to a new group just about everyday. They feel adding me lends so kind of credibility to it.  I have even had people add me, then ask me to promote the group so they can add more people which is really strange. 

So look for my stupidest thing I read Facebook report.

After a lot of weather, and some traveling I finally managed a day back on the range.  I took my 300 Norma Magnum out to distance shooting it beyond 1000 yards to 1650 yards. The winds were not exactly cooperating with gusts from 8 to 12 MPHs but we managed some solid hits despite being alone and having to spot all my own shots from behind the rifle.  It's definitely doable, though the mirage does make it harder.  The key is getting straight back behind the rifle, lowering the power a bit and then, managing recoil.  

Well this has been 5 Shot Friday, thanks for watching and see you on the range. 

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