Sniper's Hide Behind the Scenes at WIN Tactical

Sniper's Hide goes behind the scenes at WIN Tactical where, here in United States Accuracy International gets there AX barrels made. See what else is produced for AI here in Western New York.

A trip to WIN Tactical in Orchard Park New York 

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Not a lot of people are aware, that Accuracy International Chassis have been made in the United States for several years now. Or that the AX rifles ship to the US without a barrel.  It's a collaboration between SSI and WIN Tactical right here in Western New York making this world class sniper rifle the success it is. 

Tom Irwin of Accuracy International and the "I" in WIN Tactical invited me up to Orchard Park to look behind the scenes at WIN Tactical and SSI.  Since I was a teaching a precision rifle class with Long Gun Training only an hour away, this was a perfect opportunity to take Tom up on his offer.   It's been more than 14 years since I used to venture to Upstate New York to have lunch with Tom.  We'd meet around Syracuse and have lunch, talk Accuracy International as well at Sniper's Hide.  It's funny now because back then, we had less than 2500 members. 

Located in the same building now as SSI, the chassis maker here in the US for Accuracy International. WIN Tactical has set up shop to bring their barrel production in house. 

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All these products for the Accuracy International AX Rifle System are indeed made here in the United States, vs the UK.  Using a combination of CNC and Wire EDM, SSI has been producing these components for better than 10 years. 

How is it nobody was able to tell what parts are UK and what parts are US. Today it is because of the Cerakote that is used.  Accuracy International uses Cerakote on it's products and has several proprietary colors that are created specifically for them by Cerakote. 

Certified Cerakote Shop 

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WIN Tactical is a certified Cerakote Shop along with Accuracy International in the UK. Together they produce products that are indistinguishable from each other.  By sending the workers from both location to Oregon to get certified by Cerakote you have a very consistent product.  All the equipment at WIN Tactical is what Cerakote recommended them to use, and by doing so, they get expert customer service from Cerakote.  WIN Tactical can accurately replicate every thing done at Cerakote in Oregon because the equipment is identical. 

All the metal parts whether made here in the US or UK based are now Cerakoted to match.  One of the reason I upgraded my AX to the latest model to take advantage of this change in the system. 

Bartlein Barrel Blanks 

For more than 7 Years, Accuracy International and AINA have been sourcing barrel blanks from Bartlein Barrels.  The leader in rifle cut barrel, currently WIN Tactical is using Bartlein Barrels on all AX rifles and any AI Replacement barrels they spin up at their shop.

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Using the latest CNC Machines, WIN Tactical have retired their HAAS lathe which was once used to chamber and thread their barrels in favor of the Doosan CNC.  Faster, more accurate and infinitely repeatable, this is what gives the WIN Tactical barrels the ability to drop in to your AI rifle time and time again. 

As noted by Scott of AINA, the Accuracy International team shooters, who compete in PRS Events use the same rifles and the WIN Tactical Barrels that come out of this shop. There is no special build for them, what you get from the dealer is what they use to compete.  The AI Team shooters are very successful, winning events and doing it with production rifles. 

Look for the laser engraved AI logo on all the WIN Tactical Barrels.  

Thanks to everyone at SSI and WIN Tactical, Tom, Scott, Paul, and the entire crew. 

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You can purchase WIN Tactical Barrels for your Accuracy International rifle from Mile High Shooting Accessories right here in Colorado. 

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