Sniper's Hide gets an early look at the Nightforce 4-16x50mm ATACR

Nightforce held a product release event at Core Shooting Solutions in Baker FL. Check out the new ATACR 4-16x50mm SFP scope.

Nightforce ATACR 4-16x50mm 

Sniper's Hide

Last week Sniper’s Hide traveled to Core Shooting Solutions in Baker Florida for the Nightforce Product Release event. Prior to SHOT Show, Nightforce will be releases a series of new scopes and accessories, so it was an opportunity to get hands on with the latest offerings.

One of the scopes we can talk about right now is the new ATACR 4-16x50.  This is a second focal plane scope mainly designed for the Law Enforcement community.  There are still a lot of groups shooting second focal plane, as not everyone is engaged in dynamic events like a PRS competition.  So second focal planes remains very popular, especially for Law Enforcement.

The first 4-16x from NF was an F1 which designates Front Focal or Plane or First Focal Plane. This scope featured a smaller 42mm objective.  We have been using this scope with great success as I am big fan of this magnification range.  The new 4-16x increases the objective size to 50mm. 

Made in the USA, the 4-16x50mm is 33oz in weight and 13.1 inches in size. It has many of the same features found in the other scopes of the ATACR Line so be sure to check out the ATACR Page on the NF website. 


Focal Plane - Second

Magnification Range - 4-16x

Objective lens diameter - 50mm

Tube diameter - 34 mm/1.34 in

Internal adjustment range (MOA/Mil)

Elevation: 110 MOA

Windage : 60 MOA

Elevation: 30 Mil

windage: 16.4 Mil

Click value .250 MOA / .1 Mil-rad

Calibrated Ranging Power - 16x

Parallax adjustment - 45 yd–8

Exit pupil diameter -4x: 9.5 mm / 16x: 3.17 mm

Eye relief - 89 mm/3.50 in

Field of view @100 yards/100 meters

4x: 26.9 ft

16x: 6.9 ft

4x: 8.2 m

16x: 2.1 m

Objective outer diameter - 59 mm

Eyepiece outer diameter - 45 mm

Overall length (inches/mm) - 13.1 in/333 mm

Weight (ounces/grams) - 33.3 oz/944g

Mounting length (inches/mm) - 6.32 in/161 mm

Front/Rear Mounting Length - 2.00 in/2.53 in

PTL (Power Throw Lever) Standard

Reticles available



Illumination: Digi

Elevation Feature - Zero Stop 

This scope is available now so contact your favorite Nightforce Dealer 

Core Shooting Solutions 

Sniper's Hide

The event was held at Core Shooting Solutions in Baker Florida and besides going hands on, we received some blocks of instruction from the great guys who work at Core. Bryan Morgan put together a great team of people down there and we lucky to have Terry Cross and Ryan Castle on hand to walk us through some of the stages.

Sniper's Hide

Accuracy International 

Sniper's Hide

On hand was Accuracy International to supply the bolt rifles used in the event. They brought down their PRS Team Shooter Rhett Walters, as well Scott Siegmund of AINA was on hand to talk Accuracy International moving forward.??

Daniel Defense

Sniper's Hide

Daniel Defense was also on hand to supply the semi auto rifles we used. They brought down their latest 308 class rifles and talked about what to expect at SHOT Show. These rifles ran flawlessly and were dead on accurate out to 800 yards and beyond. 

Look for more information in the next month, as there is some great new products coming out. 


Accuracy International 

Daniel Defense 

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