2017 Nightforce Optics New Products Release Details

Find out what new Products Nightforce Optics will be releasing at SHOT. Sniper's Hide has all the information on these exciting new releases for 2017

Nightforce Optics New Releases for 2017 

Nightforce Optics

In November Sniper’s Hide traveled to Core Shooting Solutions in Baker Florida for the hands on, product release event from Nightforce Optics.

This was an opportunity to not only see what Nightforce was releasing at SHOT SHOW in January, but to get several days worth of time with each product. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

7-35x56mm ATACR F1 Scope 

Nightforce Optics

This is probably the biggest revelation at the event, the 7-35x ATACR, front focal plane scope. Very similar in size and design to the popular 5-25x F1 ATACR, the 7-35x is designed for the long range shooter and PRS Competitor. 

Two points that separate this scope from the other scopes in this class is the ability to focus to 10 yards, and the amount of elevation travel. With 100 MOA or roughly 28 Mils of adjustment you move beyond the limitations we have seen with other scopes with such a high magnification ratio. While’s it’s not as much as say the BEAST, it is enough to get you to a 1 Mile with most rounds capable from a 100 yard zero. 

Testing the close focus, it was easy to see that Nightforce nailed this close focusing capability. I made a point of trying to read the various signs around Core Shooting and the 7-35x had no trouble making it happen, even at a higher than usual magnification. Most of the time you are dialing down quite a bit. 

On the range I make a point of shooting this scope at 35x as much as possible. You tend to lose a lot at such a high magnification, from Field of View to resolution, high magnification is not something I personally use. Generally speaking I shoot my scopes, even the 25x powered ones between 12x -18x. The 7-35x has great resolution at 35x even under the Florida conditions. We had a lot of humidity and the temps were well into the high 70s. The optical design on this scope is very well thought out. It allows those guys who like more magnification to resolution fine detail without distorting. Because of that it could be a great cross over scope into things like F Class where the shooter wants to use the same rifle for both that and PRS events. 

Nightforce Optics

On the line we used Accuracy International Bolt Rifles and the Accuracy International Team Shooters had a lot of input with Nightforce as it’s their preferred optic of choice for pretty much everything. 


7-35x magnification range

First focal plane reticle, ED glass

100 MOA elevation travel

10m to infinity parallax adjustment

Generous FOV

Standard ATACR feature set

US MSRP $3,600-$4,000

SHOT Show Release

Competition Reticle 

Nightforce Optics

Another big announcement was the new Mil C competition reticle. Lots of guys want different things when it comes to a reticle, but for the PRS shooters, it’s a pretty common set of requirements. The Nightforce Mil C answers this call and will be available in Mid 2017 for the 5-25x ATACR. 

The reticle in many ways speaks for itself so take a look at the image and decide, is this something you can see yourself using ?  

Highlights of the Mil C 

Developed around requests of PRS Shooters

.2 Mil-Radian elevation and windage marks

SHOT Show Release

Available in ATACR 5-25x F1 – spring 2017

Same price as Mil-R reticle

Carbon Fiber Tripods 

Nightforce Optics

Nightforce also released a small, compact Carbon Fiber tripod. This is mainly for the Spotter, but can also be used in the field as a rifle rest. Not as big and bulky as other field tripods this unit combines some innovative features like the ability to use two of the legs as trekking poles.

The idea behind this tripod is to carry less and do more. Something I think it accomplishes very well.

It’s a bit small to act as a dedicated shooting platform, but it will work as long you understand the weight restrictions and limitations. For a Spotter, it’s perfect. 

Nightforce Optics

SHV 5-20x

Nightforce Optics

An Update to the SHV 5-20x Scope, they have added a waterproofed external adjustments to the unit and changed the ZeroSet feature. 

Competition 4.5SR 

Nightforce Optics

We had access to this recent Service Rifle designed scope which is cleared for Service Rifle Competition and is available today. 

4-16x50mm SFP ATACR 

We recently discussed this up, so be sure to check out the video above.  This is a Second Focal Plane scope designed for the Law Enforcement community as well as those who do not like to use a Front Focal Plane options.

Small Changes coming to the Product Line 

Nightforce Optics

This was an awesome event, I want to thank Nightforce and their Sponsors for Inviting Sniper’s Hide. 

Core Shooting Solutions 

Nightforce Optics

I want to personally thank Core Shooting Solutions. This was not just a media event but a mini training camp put on by the Core Shooting Solutions Cadre.  Bryan Morgan, Terry Cross and Ryan Castle put on a series of excellent minin events to highlight each product and to quickly get guys up to speed.  Core Shooting a great facility and it goes beyond just a facility. I have been to several of these events and this was by far one of the best. Much of that has to do with Nightforce's Choice to use Core Shooting as well as their other partners like Accuracy International, Daniel Defense and the companies listed below. 

Accuracy International

AT rifles, .308

AX rifles, .308

AXMC rifles, .300 Win Mag

Mk13 Mod7 rifle - .300 Win Mag

Daniel Defense

DD5v1 rifles, .308

Mk12 rifles, 5.56/.223

Black Hills Ammunition

.223 Rem Ammunition – 77gr SMK

.308 Win Ammunition – 175gr TMK

.300 Win Mag - .190gr SMK

CORE Shooting – Bryan Morgan, Owner - bmorgan@coreshooting.com

Shooting Facility/Ranges/Training

Other instructors – Terry Cross and Ryan Castle

Oakley Standard Issue 

Oakley SI Ballistic M3 Alpha with TR22 Prizm Lens


EarPro Sonic Defenders

Armageddon Gear – Melissa Gilliland - melissa@armageddongear.com

Fat Bags

X-Wing Enhanced Rear Bags

“The Brick” Grippy Rear Bags

B&T Industries – Kasey Beltz – info@accu-shot.com

BT10 Atlas Bipods

BT46-LW17 PSR Bipods