Sniper's Hide goes Behind the Scenes at Cadex Defence

Cadex Defence makes one of the finest sniper rifles on the market and Sniper's Hide goes behind the scenes to check out their operation. See what the buzz is about, everything from chassis to full rifle builds.

Cadex Defence 

Cadex Defence

Sniper's Hide recently traveled to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec to visit the Cadex Defence factory. As many of you have seen, we have been using several of their chassis' as well as their CDX-33 338LM complete rifle. I have been a long time fan of the chassis system, and the addition of complete builds continues to impress.   Before anyone says it in the comments, no, they did not copy the Remington RAC, that chassis was originally designed by Cadex Defence.   Cadex has a long history of quality and innovation, it only made sense for them to move into building complete rifles.   When Patrice Picard invited me to go behind the scenes along with my video camera, I jumped at the chance to check it out. 

Cadex Military Roots 

Cadex Defence

You have two categories of rifle builders, gunsmiths who machine and machinist who gunsmith.  With everyone moving to high end CNC machines it only makes sense that the machinist will lead the way to better innovation. Gunsmiths tend to adapt what they learned to a new machine, while a machinist will use the high quality machine to create a better product.  In my experience the machinist looks at the problem in a different way.

It would take a long time to outline everything Cadex Defence does at their factory.  From head and neck impact testing to armored cars, they are a much bigger operation than one would imagine.  Most of their products are used by the military as they are known for things like their Solo Mount. 

Cadex Defence

They are very deep into the development of military equipment.  The catalog of military and Law Enforcement products is too extensive for a single article. For today we will focus on those products of interest to the Sniper's Hide community.

Cadex Perfection

Cadex Defence

For years Cadex was known as a rifle accessories company, making products the Dual Strike and Strike 33 chassis for other rifles. Now they have become a premier rifle builder in their own rights. Everything from your 308 to their .50 Caliber Tremor rifle, incorporating their proven chassis system.   They start out by building everything in house using Stainless Steel and high grade Aluminum stock.  These are not just run through a series of HAAS CNC Machines and slapped together. Every part is constantly inspected and hand finished for fit and quality.  I was quite amazed to see just how many times the operators inspect the parts.  There is no tumbling here, everything is hand de-burred.

Cadex Defence

The attention to detail is there every step of the way.  It a semi production system using hand building techniques. I say semi-production because the rifles are no just falling off an assembly line, the hand fit and finish given to each product puts it in league with most custom builders. 

Bartlein Barrels

Cadex Defence

The heart of any precision rifle is the barrel. Cadex Defence uses only Bartlein Barrels and custom contours them for their rifle system.  From the way the action interacts with the chassis system to the barrel, all this is designed to promote accuracy of their system.  They chamber and finish the barrels for each rifle in house.  Recognizing the quality of Bartlein Barrels in a semi-production is an indicator of their dedication to their builds.  

Research and Development Breeds Innovation 

Sniper's Hide

In the video you can see the access we were afforded. From putting our cameras directly inside the machines to following the builds every step of the way.  By controlling everything from the trigger to the muzzle brake, you have a world class sniper rifle available to all.  And it doesn't stop there, the Cadex R&D department is the nucleus of the company. Everything is moving in and around their ability to innovate and solve problems. It's a key part of their growth and expansion.   Going behind the scenes to check out new products is one of the best parts of my job.  I get to see not only what is on the drawing board, but also where existing products are headed. Cadex is not resting on the success of the chassis, they are moving to other areas of the precision rifle community, even looking to address shooters of the Precision Rifle Series. 

Sniper's Hide

What is on the horizon you ask ? 

How about the Kraken Multi Caliber Rifle.  Using their stainless Kraken Action and unique approach to changing the barrel, the rifle will feature of a host of caliber options.  To demonstrate how much they are paying attention they are already planning for calibers such as the 300 Norma Mag, the 260REM, and the 6.5x47L, very popular right now and the Kraken is rolling out ready to accommodate these options.  

The New R-7 rifle will move to a traditional style stock while incorporating the best part of the chassis system inside. This rifle system will feature a new set of actions, both long and short.  And the Falcon Bipod is another way for them to control the quality while meeting some specific needs of the community to which they serve. 

Sniper's Hide

Most of these products will be showing at the 2017 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, so be sure to check out the Cadex Defence booths.  I think you'll be as impressed as I am at the scope of their offerings. 

Sniper's Hide and Cadex Defence 

As I have said, I have been using the chassis system for quite a long time, and now I am shooting their rifle systems for a more detailed review.  To get an idea of what these rifles are capable of, just check out my videos either mixed in here on the Sniper's Hide website or over at YouTube or Facebook.  Many know I am not one to get a rifle on Friday and have a review up on Monday. I shoot them a lot and have easily put 400 rounds of Prime 338LM ammo through the CDX-33. All this in preparation of the complete review.    Also we are using things like the Cadex Chassis in our Tikka Upgrade project. Cadex addresses a lot of different rifles systems making it a great choice when moving from a factory rifle to chassis. 

Understand I shot a lot of video, I addressed many of the products noted in the video above on an individual basis so this just the beginning.  Consider it an overview of the things to come. 

I want to thank everyone at Cadex Defence for their support and consideration. It's not always easy having someone following you around at work with a video camera and everyone there was super helpful.  Thanks to Patrice, Serge, for allowing me unprecedented access to their company.   

A special thanks to Patrick Thompson for the use of his outstanding photographs and to Pete F for picking me up at the airport. 


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