Talking Cadex Defence Chassis Systems

Cut through the confusion when it comes to picking the right Cadex Defence Chassis. Lots of people believe the only option is the most expensive, well there is a lot more options than that.

Cadex Factory Tour, The Cadex Chassis System 

Cadex Defence

Coming off the Cadex Defence factory tour, I wanted them to talk about their chassis system. The most well known chassis in the line up is the Cadex Dual Strike System. This is their flagship chassis and the one most people compare the competition too.

The Dual Strike Chassis is the most expensive model, but what a lot of people don’t know is, they produce a series of lower cost chassis models and well as, just how modular the chassis’ are. 

The Dual Strike features a tool free fully adjustable system that incorporates the Cadex Right Side folding stock. The benefits of the stock folding to the right was quickly picked up by the military and used as basis for most of their chassis’ moving forward. Folding to the right captures the bolt to secure it and also keeps everything that might stick into your body on one side for carrying it. Next they were asked to lighten up the chassis a bit, and that introduced the Lite Strike Chassis.

Very similar to the Dual Strike, the Lite Strike changed some dimensions and brought the weight of the system down. It is 1BLS lighter than the Dual Strike with all the same features. 

One popular feature is the magazine sleeves which allow the end user to change the internal sleeves at the magazine well in order to accommodate different magazine types. This is key when going from a factory magazine like found in the Tikka to a more popular AICS magazine. My T3x Chassis uses AICS magazines vs the Tikka Magazine. 

With the popularity of the PRS in both the US and Canada, the guys at Cadex were called on to create a Competition Series Chassis. PRS events are fast, dynamic matches that can have higher round counts then a typical shooter may encounter. A Moving Target Stage could require the shooter to engage in more than 10 rounds in a very short period of time. With all this in mind, the Competition Series chassis is lighter still by roughly 1 LBS and features a longer Fore End Tube. This tube also blocks some of the machined slots to act like a mirage band keeping the heat of the barrel away from the optic.

The Lite Competition Series like the Field OT Series has an open top meaning, you do not need to use the Cadex Rail to integrate into the fore end. The Open Top let’s you use your existing scope rail. 

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Going behind the scenes, I can tell you, all the center sections for the chassis are made the same way. There is no difference beyond the Folding vs Non-Folding Models. The Non-Folding models use the AR style buffer tube, as well can be upgraded the Skeletonize Cadex Stock. They go together seamlessly, the Folders of course are more money and have the folding hardware built into the center section. Regardless of the model they all use the roll block technology. 

I have been a huge fan of the Cadex Chassis system, and have been using them for many years prior to my trip to Quebec. One of the things I asked for, was a graphic to help show the end user the different chassis models and the MSRP of each one. Too many people go straight to the $2400 model and discounts the models that start at $600 and average around $1200. This puts you right in line with the competition. So here is your graphic and the link to the PDF

Cadex Defence

One difference between this system and the competition is just how many actions Cadex builds for. They have one of the most impressive lists of supported actions on the market. 

Again, I to thank everyone at Cadex, Shawn, Patrice, Serge, and all the workers for an awesome trip. 

Be sure to check out the Cadex Booth at SHOT Show, lots of new products are dropping. Here again is the link the Chassis PDF File 


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