6.5 Guys


Want to go behind the scenes at SHOT SHOW, the 6.5 Guys have the best coverage anywhere, so check out these videos

Steve & Ed of the 6.5 Guys along with new addition Cory, took Shot Show by storm this year.  Seems every place I went, there they were. It was almost as if I was stalking them.   We are really excited to bring you their great videos from the SHOT SHOW.   They have a passion for doing this and do it very well, which shows in video work they do. 

I am big fan of the 6.5 Guys, love doing their interviews (more on that one later) so without any further flogging, here are the videos 

Seekins Precision 

Accuracy International 

US Optics 

Badger Ordnance 

Shadow Tech (Hog Saddle) 

Nightforce Optics 

These are just a few, we'll post more.  Be sure to follow the 6.5 Guys at their website and on YouTube 

Youtube Playlist 

Facebook Page 

6.5 Guys Website 

Awesome Stuff, I really appreciate the work these guys do.