‘Flying car' finally arriving?

France will begin testing the newest technology for their Special Forces: A ‘flying car'

It's an all-terrain vehicle, ultra-light, and can take off and fly anywhere.

The idea of a flying car might just be in reach for the military if the prototype being tested by the French military is a success.

The flying dune buggy has been developed and will be tested by French special operation forces at an air base, said Jerome Dauffy, chairman of Vaylon, the company in charge of developing the vehicle.

The car has the ability to fly in powered flight and paraglide when silence is needed in missions. "Vaylon designers see the vehicle filling missions such as reconnaissance, hostage rescue, transport of equipment and air drop," militarytimes.com reported.

The goal is to eventually arm the car with machine guns, rockets, and missiles.

For now, however, the car carries just two seat and no weapons, but the passenger seat can be taken out to allow more space for arms and equipment, Dauffy said.

The prototype, called Pegasus, was unveiled at the Special Operations Forces Exhibition in Jordan on May 6, showing a mock up and footage of the test.

Vaylon said he hopes to see the car operational in the near future.

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