US Corporate Leaders Support Green Berets

An elite group of corporate leaders recently assembled as part of a special effort to support America's "Quiet Professionals" - combat-experienced Green Berets and their families.

Defense Industry, Military Leaders Pledge Support to Green Berets

An elite group of corporate leaders recently assembled as part of a special effort to support combat-experienced Green Berets and their families.

The business leaders, who joined an aptly named “A-Team” dinner at the Army-Navy Country Club, demonstrated a particular willingness to recognize the enormous sacrifices made by Green Berets. Many of them felt a special gratitude for the unique missions performed by U.S. Special Forces in many countries around the globe supporting the War on Terror, training U.S.- allied indigenous forces such as the Iraqi Security Forces attacking ISIS and advancing global U.S. security goals around the world.

Green Berets often serve in more than 90 countries around the world at a single point in time, and have the highest per-capita casualty rate of any unit in the U.S. military.

Retired Maj. Gen. David Morris, Chairman of the Board of the Green Beret Foundation CLICK HERE, presided over the A-Team dinner and displayed a particular gratitude for Green Berets and the generous donors who went out of their way to provide special support to them and their families.

Having served himself as a Green Beret, Morris expressed strong appreciation for those corporate and defense industry leaders who had decided to offer tremendous support to U.S. Special Forces.

Morris also made the point that Green Berets maintain an intensely high op-tempo and deployment rate, often deploying as many as 10-times or more during their careers.

“While Green Berets perform direct combat missions, their core mission as the only Unconventional Warfare unit in the US inventory, is to train, coach, teach and mentor others. A 12-man A-Team can train a force of 1,000 - 2,000 fighters and bring them up to an acceptable measure of combat readiness.  If you stop and think about it, that is 1,000 to 2,000 of our sons and daughters who do not have to go to war because of this training,” Morris explained.

Each of the 12 A-Team donors received a special combat and mission knife unique to the Green Berets, a Chris Reeve manufactured Yarborough knife, engraved with their name and their corporate leader A-Team designator “A-Team DC101.”

Below are the Donors Who Gave to the Green Beret Foundation. For more about the Green Beret Foundation along with information for those interested to learn about donating – CLICK HERE

A-Team Dinner Attendees



Dean Popps

Former Asst. Sec of the Army - Acquisition & Partner, Fluet, Huber and Hoang Law Firm

Douglas Kitani

CEO, IAP Worldwide Services

Rob Hargis

VP, IAP Worldwide Services

Demetrios "Jimmy" Stavrakis

CEO, ADCOR Defense

Nelson Ford

CEO, President&Director, Logistics Management Institute, Inc

Maurice "Mo" Gauthier


Christopher Morris

President&CEO, Airbus DS Government Solutions, Inc

 Donald Bramer

Presdient&CEO, Bramer Group LLC

James "Jim" Soligan

Director, Federal Sector, Deloitte

Patrick Dewar

Founder&Chief Executive, Trenton Group, LLC

Geoff Prosch

Director, Johnson Controls, Inc

Nick Karangelen

President, Trident Space

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