40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Angels Prospects

InsideTheHalos.com staff is excited to announce the first ever, "40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Angels Prospects." We got together with some friends in the Angels media and decided on which Angels prospects are worthy of being deemed to the top 40.

We at InsideTheHalos.com are excited to announce the first ever, 40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Angels Prospects Countdown!

Starting Monday, December 16th, we will announce the top 40 Angels prospects of 2014 decided by InsideTheHalos.com staff, starting with number 40 and counting down to ONE.

InsideTheHalos.com publisher Taylor Ward, along with contributors and some friends in the Angels media personnel sat down and took a look at each prospect in the Los Angeles Angels system, and started penciling in names and scratching some off. Of course, we haven't seen each player play in person, but with the help of broadcasters and staff of the Angels minor league system, as well as scouts and teammates, we have all gotten ideas of what we're looking at when it comes to the Angels future.

The original idea started with Scout.com's Cardinals site, TheCardinalNation.com, and it's publisher, Brian Walton. We'd like to thank Brian for giving us permission to use his idea, as he just started his ninth installation of the Cardinals version of "40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Prospects."

Qualifications for the prospect list exclude players who have surpassed their MLB Rookie Designation (130+ at bats/50+ innings pitched; or an accumulated 45+ days on the active roster of the Angels Major League club). This means you will not see names such as Kole Calhoun or Grant Green on the prospect list.

Each prospect article will have a scouting report, statistical breakdown, and what is expected of them in the immediate future. What better way to learn and know about the prospects in the Angels farm system than an article dedicated strictly to them?

Some of the articles posted will be Premium Articles. If you are not yet a subscriber to InsideTheHalos.com, you can join today for as little as $7.95 after our seven-day FREE trial, and will be able to read all articles, including exclusive content year-round.

We love hearing your opinions, which you can debate at our free message board, where there will a new thread for each day's prospect chosen. Opinions are always allowed to be heard, but any profanity or expletive content will be removed immediately.

Here is the schedule for the InsideTheHalos/Scout.com Top 40 Prospects announcements – 2014

#40. Coming December 16th (FREE)
#39. Coming December 17th (FREE)
#38. Coming December 18th (FREE)
#37. Coming December 19th (FREE)
#36. Coming December 20th (FREE)
Review of Prospects #36-#40. Coming December 21st (Premium)
#35. Coming December 22nd (FREE)
#34. Coming December 23rd (FREE)
#33. Coming December 24th (FREE)
#32. Coming December 25th (FREE)
#31. Coming December 26th (FREE)
Review of Prospects #31-#35. Coming December 27th (Premium)
#30. Coming December 28th (FREE)
#29. Coming December 29th (FREE)
#28. Coming December 30th (FREE)
#27. Coming December 31st (FREE)
#26. Coming January 1st (FREE)
Review of Prospects #26-#30. Coming January 2nd (Premium)
#25. Coming January 3rd (Premium)
#24. Coming January 4th (FREE)
#23. Coming January 5th (FREE)
#22. Coming January 6th (FREE)
#21. Coming January 7th (Premium)
Review of Prospects #21-#25. Coming January 8th (Premium)
#20. Coming January 9th (Premium)
#19. Coming January 10th (FREE)
#18. Coming January 11th (FREE)
#17. Coming January 12th (FREE)
#16. Coming January 13th (Premium)
Review of Prospects #16-#20. Coming January 14th (Premium)
#15. Coming January 15th (Premium)
#14. Coming January 16th (Premium)
#13. Coming January 17th (FREE)
#12. Coming January 18th (Premium)
#11. Coming January 19th (Premium)
Review of Prospects #11-#15. Coming January 20th (Premium)
#10. Coming January 21st (Premium)
#9. Coming January 22nd (Premium
#8. Coming January 23rd (FREE)
#7. Coming January 24th (Premium)
#6. Coming January 25th (Premium)
Review of Prospects #6-#10. 26th (Premium)
#5. Coming January 27th (Premium)
#4. Coming January 28th (FREE)
#3. Coming January 29th (FREE)
#2. Coming January 30th (Premium)
#1. Coming January 31st (Premium)

Once the Countdown is finished, we will have four articles for you consisting of a final look at the Top 40, a Best of the Rest, How Each Voter Voted, and an All-Angels Prospect Team.

2014 Top Angels Prospects – The Final Results - Coming February 2nd (FREE)
Angels Prospects: Best of the Rest – Coming February 3rd (FREE)
How Each Voter Voted - Coming January February 4th (FREE)
2014 Scout.com All-Angels Prospect Team - Coming February 5th (FREE)


It took hours of phone calls, texts, Twitter messages, Facebook, all kinds of mayhem, but after pretty minimal bickering, the voters came together with a proper system of how votes should be counted.

If a voter voted a specific player first, they would recieve one point, second got two, and so on, and so on. The player with the least amount of points, would receive the higher position (similar to golf scores).

After all list were combined, 59 players were brought to the attention of our list, meaning some very good prospects would not make the cut.

At the end of the countdown, we will release an article on how each voter voted, and their reasoning for their vote process.

We hope you enjoy the next 40 days, and learning more about the prospects we saw as the "best" in the Angels farm system. Remember, each day will have a new thread in the message boards, so feel free to openly debate how you feel about each prospect and our decision.

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