Prospect Countdown: #4 Taylor Lindsey

A young grinder with a line drive swing, this young man has a bright future in the Angels infield in the very near future. 40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Angels Prospects, #4, Taylor Lindsey.

Taylor Lindsey, Second Baseman

A nickname that came from a Texas League All-Star for this prospect was "Sparkplug." Taylor Lindsey is a grinding infielder with a line drive swing. He just barely turned 22-years-old this last December, and has been progressing better from the left-side of the plate, with more ease than most prospects his age.


Lindsey is a low ball hitter, but can also make contact elsewhere in the strikezone. He has a line drive swing and can spray chart the entire field with his swing. Lindsey has good bat speed, which has helped create power and a quicker pop of the ball off the bat to the gaps as well. Lindsey has added weight and matured in to his body, and could now almost be registered as an above average power hitter.

Lindsey has average discipline at the plate. He's been fooled by pitcher's and has swung out of the zone mostly on low pitches. That's about the only time you'll see Lindsey swing at pitches out of the zone though, and it is rare. Lindsey does not strike out much.

Lindsey is an average base runner and fielder. His speed isn't outstanding, but he'd win over half of his foot races. His glove and arm aren't going to cause troubles or errors, but he isn't going to shock you with outstanding plays or wow you with his fielding skills. Speed is something you can only add so much too, but Lindsey's defense has improved each year, and he could become an above average fielder with time.

When we asked a scout about Lindsey's future as a Major Leaguer, he told us to expect a .270+ average with near 20 home runs. We also asked this scout for an MLB comparison to a player currently playing and he said, "Jason Kipnis, same body frame, same swing, both left-side of the plate hitters, should put up near the same numbers."


Lindsey has always been a threat at the plate since coming out of the draft in 2010 as a first round pick, and putting up a .284/.325/.407 slash in Rookie Ball.

Lindsey spent 2011 in Rookie Ball with the Orem Owlz where he won Most Valuable Player honors in the Pioneer League. His .362/.394/.593 slash, with nine home runs, 28 doubles, and six triples helped boost him in to MVP candidacy. Taylor lead the league in total bases, runs scored, extra base hits, hits, and doubles, while finishing third in slugging percentage and second in batting average.

Lindsey jumped in to High-A following his MVP season, where he didn't cool off much earning post-season awards. He hit .289/.328/.408 while in the Cal League.

The Angels aggressive approach of Lindsey didn't stop as in 2013, he spent his entire season in Double-A. Lindsey's bat dropped a few notches in the contact department, but not a ton, finishing with a slash of .274/.339/.441. Lindsey's power numbers increased a lot though, as he finished the season with 17 home runs, nearly twice as many as his career best prior to that.


Taylor Lindsey has been treated like a first round pick, and he should be. The kid has the talent to be a future Major Leaguer and a starting second baseman at that. With his age, the Angels can spend a little more added time on this young man to polish off his skill sets before throwing him in with the big dogs. Lindsey could return to Double-A to improve his contact out of Spring Training, but it is most likely he'll be sent to Triple-A with the Angels aggressive approach on him.

Lindsey is set for a Major League future. The question now is when will he be there? The Angels have been aggressive with this young man, and he's shown signs that he can hang at every level, but he may need some tune ups before jumping to the show. We expect Lindsey to spend a full season in Triple-A before becoming a full-time Angels player. With that said, our expected time of arrival to the Angels for Taylor Lindsey is sometime in 2015. Maybe not out of Spring Training, but it is a strong possibility.

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