Angels Trade Scioscia For Gretzky... WHAT?!

The Los Angeles Angels have traded Matt Scioscia (Mike's son) to the Chicago Cubs for Trevor Gretzky (Wayne's son). Let's have some fun with this.

You really can't make things like this up. The Los Angeles Angels have traded Matt Scioscia (yes, that Scioscia) to the Chicago Cubs for Trevor Gretzky (yes, that Gretzky). Mike's son for Wayne's son.

Regardless of the humorous comments that will come from this, it will effect both players careers in the long run. The Angels have shown depth at the outfield position but not necessarily an extensive depth chart when it comes to the minor leagues. For the Cubs, first base is a position that does not need much more depth all the way down the line. It is a unique pickup for the Cubs, but possibly a chance for Scioscia to shine with a new club.

With that said, Trevor Gretzky is an outfielder. With our friends over at Northsiders Report, we got a very brief scouting report on Gretzky as, "athletic, raw baseball skills."

When you draw comparisons to the two, it seems that the Angels got the better end of the trade. Gretzky is 21-years-old, was a 7th-round draft pick in 2011, and has shown a steady bat with a .288/.335/.332 slash at the plate over two years in the minors splitting time between Rookie Ball and Single-A.

As for Scioscia, his numbers are not near that. He was a 45th round pick in 2011 and has played from Rookie Ball to High-A with a .222/.264/.280 slash.

Both are most likely heading to High-A at the beginning of the 2014 season, where they look to make a name for themselves without the name on their back being the biggest impact on their career.

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