Matt Wise Talks About Angels Future

Angels former pitcher, and current minor league pitching coach, Matt Wise, speaks about the Angels future arms with high praise.

Although he won't say much about it, Matt Wise was a part of the 2002 season where the Los Angeles Angels won their one and only World Series title.

Wise, is now the pitching coach for the Angels High-A affiliate, Inland Empire 66ers. was able to sit down and talk about young pitching prospects in the Angels farm system with Wise, who gave praise to specific young arms.

One of the pitchers Wise noted was Jonah Wesely, who told about his relationship with former his former coach.

"Matt Wise is an awesome pitching coach," said Wesely of Wise. "He really taught me a lot of good lessons last summer in AZL, on and off the field. It was nice being around him.

Wise also had positive things to say about Jonah.

"I like everything about him when he's pitching," said Wise of Wesely. "He's aggressive and has a pretty good fastball and pretty good feel for throwing it for strikes. He just has the makeup. He's got a nice breaking ball and he throws his changeup for strikes as well. You just get a sense about him that one day he's going to be in a big league bullpen. I sat in a few of those and those are the kind of guys, who are a little quirky."

Wise noted why he thought the bullpen would best suit Wesely.

"Based on personality, but he's also 19-years-old. He could eventually be a nice starter for us but those guys that are a little goofy and left-handers always find a way into the bullpen (laughs)."

Everyone likes guys with a goofy outlook on things, but Wise did note that baseball and goofiness go hand in hand with the serious side of pitching for Wesely.

"He's a really, really, really advanced guy when he gets on the mound. He's kind of a goof ball but when he's working he takes his stuff serious and keeps guys loose."

Wesely talked about his bonding with Wise right after being drafted.

"I'd say I have a pretty good relationship with all the pitching coaches. He really kind of took myself and Hunter [Green] under his wing last summer because we were the young guys and he was always a good voice in my ear and keep me on the right path."

Wise continued to speak about how Wesely gravitated towards him, and what made Wesely so special.

"What guys gravitate to, whether it's me, or anyone else in the organization is get to know them and earn their trust and learn the big league experience. They want to know the big league stories. They want to know what its like to fly on a plane with just your team, they want to know about the hotels. He was just very receptive and he was a big fish in a small pond in high school and he asked the right questions a lot of times about how to pitch. What it takes to get to the next level, what it takes to be consistent on the mound. The future is definitely bright for Jonah."

Wise also noted about one of the pitchers he took "under his wing" as well, Hunter Green.

"I love Hunter Green. When he throws the ball downhill it's a really good fastball, he controls it pretty well. He had a changeup that we kinda refined a few things with it. He was able to throw, I remember one game particularly against the Cubs down there, he threw it 3-2 and punched out three guys on it with a 3-2 count. That's pretty advanced in my opinion for a high school kid. His breaking ball is good, when he gets on top of ball he's really good."

Wise continued about Wesely and Green's work ethics, and how both are different people on and off the field, but continue to excel in the system.

"Hunter works his face off, down to business, and he's kinda the polar opposite personality wise of Jonah. Jonah is the free spirit, joker, but takes his work serious. Hunter is a little bit more serious. The future is bright for both those guys. and they're only 19-years-old. You sprinkle water on them and you see what they've got."

Wise continued to note other pitchers such as Keynan Middleton and Yency Almonte.

"Keynan Middleton is someone to keep an eye on. He has transformed himself through some mechanical work he did down there. He's commanding the ball."

Wise continued about Almonte.

"Yency Almonte is another guy I like. Another young kid, his arm is very loose. It's just a matter of getting him game reps. Once he gets the reps, he's going to take off. We've seen some progress in the last year or two. He's really just figured out staying out over the rubber and throwing the ball downhill. There's a lot to like about Yency Almonte."

Matt Wise has a very bright view on the future of Angels pitching, as do many others. Keep an eye on Jonah Wesely, Hunter Green, Keynan Middleton, and Yency Almonte as they work their way towards the ultimate dream, the bigs.

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