Jerry Dipoto On New Angels Acquisitions

Los Angeles Angels General Manager Jerry Dipoto talks about his newest acquisition, left-handed pitcher, Joe Thatcher and outfielder, Tony Campana.

Today, the Los Angeles Angels traded prospects, Joey Krehbiel and Zach Borenstein, to the Arizona Diamondbacks, in exchange for Tony Campana and Joe Thatcher.

Los Angeles Angels General Manager Jerry Dipoto talks about his newest acquisition, left-handed pitcher, Joe Thatcher and outfielder, Tony Campana.

Dipoto on if Angels are looking to add more to the bullpen:

"We're always trying to find ways to get better, so the answer is I don't know, as much the same as any bullpen in the Majors. I don't know if there's been a bullpen that's looked the same at season's end as it did in the beginning. Adjustments are inevitable and personel changes are inevitable as the season goes along. Injury effectiveness, and we're doing the best we can to create options and remain and get as much flexibility that we can down there. Obviously, Ernesto had a tough go this year and their was the change of scenary sending him to Pittsburgh and bringing in Jason Grilli. Jason's done a nice job since he's been here and I think Joe Smith, Kevin Jepsen, Mike Morin, when he was healthy Fernando Salas, you have to look at what Cory Rasmus has done. Roth, we called him up today, these guys are really contributed in positive ways and now it's just a matter of getting these guys in order and introducing Joe Thatcher to the group and it gets a little bit better."

Dipoto on Thatcher:

"First of all, he's been very consistent and very good against left-handed hitters for a long time. Joe has a very unique delivery, it's funky. He's tough to pickup, and makes hitters very uncomfortable. He's also been effective against righties, he's not a guy who has to be situational just against left-handers. He's a guy who throws a lot of strikes and he goes north of 70% on strike percentage with is a positive thing for us. He's done a good job of eliminating walks and he has a good history of pitching with runners on base. So, when you're looking to cleanup that inning with runners on base and looking to get that key out with a left-handed hitter, it's something we've been missing all year long and unfortanetly, Sean Burnett was not able to come back and pitch healthy for us and Joe Thatcher is our shot at an answer. He is a guy who has historically done very well in those situations."

Dipoto on trading elite prospects:

"Nobody wants to deplete their farm system and obviously Joey Krehbiel and Zach Borenstein were guys we liked, but you have to give to get. I've said that before, and particularly in a situation like we are now, heading into the All-Star break where we put ourselves in a position to fight for a position in the playoffs. We have to be true to that, you make decisions on what you'll focus on and our focus going into the trade deadline was the bullpen. Now with Jason Grilli down there, Joe Thatcher down there, we have multiple leaps left to go through the deadline, with August as well. I don't think we have much tweaking to go. I think the guys down there tonight contribute in a lot of positive ways and if there's a way to help that group get better, we'll try and do that."

Dipoto on the Athletics:

"I know this cliche gets old, but I try to focus on just our own club. We can only control what we can control and what we've identified that we want to focus on is what we've been working on and that's to change the look of the bullpen a little bit. That's what we've accomplished so far and if we can do more we will but we can't worry about the teams around us."

Dipoto on if he's looking to improve starting pitching or lineup:

"You always try to look for ways to make your team better. At this point, our starting pitching has been very consistent this year and very good and one of the strong points of our team. Our lineup is really steady and we're scoring runs. We've been in the top three in scoring runs all year long, we're about as healthy as we get, but you can't ever turn a blind eye. We've got these weeks coming up to the trade deadline and then August and you have to be prepared and stay in tune with what the trade market is doing because you can't prevent injury, or something that may fall off the tracks in the next few weeks. Right now, we're not anticipating a move in another area."

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