Brennan Boesch, The Positive Robot

Brennan Boesch is with the Angels big club for the second time this season, but comes with a new found love for baseball, and a new look on the game, including his "Positive Robot" style.

The Los Angeles Angels are looking for a spark in their offense, and they may have found just that, calling up Brennan Boesch.

"He'll give us a little balance, a left-handed bat." said manager Mike Scioscia. "Brennan's got some experience and is swinging the bat really well right now. Hopefully he'll carry that up here and give us some good at bats."

Scioscia wasn't joking when he said Boesch is swinging the bat well. Over the month of August, Boesch was batting .379, while reaching base 50% of his plate appearances. This included a streak of reaching base in ten straight plate appearances.

"I've actually felt better at other times," said Boesch. "Results can be kind of funny in this game where you get on a roll and kind of ride it out. I felt great but have felt better at other times during the season."

Boesch is making his second stop in Anaheim for the 2014 season, as he spent a week and a half with the Angels in mid to late April. He noted what changes came to help him get back to the Majors a second time.

"I made good adjustments. Having fun, competing really well. Just not trying to do too much and enjoying the game as much as possible."

Boesch was not put down by being sent to Triple-A after a quick stint at the beginning of the season, but instead saw it as a blessing. For Boesch, demons arose after an injury-plagued 2013, and for him, just playing any baseball was better than anything.

"Wherever there was going to be a chance for me to play a lot of baseball this year was what I wanted to do. Not being healthy last year really stunk. Obviously for a ball player it happens but to come back for next year and comeback and play consistently and do what I wanted to do up to this point has been pretty fulfilling."

Boesch was excited for his second call-up and embraced it as not just an opportunity to help a struggling offense, but also help his respective team win games.

"This organization is all about winning and trying to put the best foot forward, that's why I'm here. They don't call-up guys to not help, if they have you here it's for a reason. My attitude is that I'm here to contribute and obviously the talent here speaks for itself."

Scioscia spoke of Boesch's experience, but Boesch explained his game plan, in a joking manner, despite referring to himself as a robot.

"I think experience tries to keep you not looking too far ahead. I'm kind of robotic that way, it's just how you program yourself. I'm kind of like a positive robot. That's the approach I was taking in Salt Lake. My teammates have fun with me over it but it's how I can deal with the daily grind of the season.

Boesch loves playing the game of baseball, and it truly shows in his game but doesn't get ahead of himself at any point. For Boesch, or the "Positive Robot," he looks forward to the day at hand and playing the game he loves.

"I've been consistently saying I just enjoy playing every day... I wanted a nice sample size of playing and that was my goal. I'm here in a new environment, and I'm looking forward to facing Williams tonight."

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