Scouting Reports On Angels AFL Prospects

Eight Angels prospects were named to the Arizona Fall League, has your scouting reports on these eight.

The Arizona Fall League, how great of an honor is it to be sent to the Arizona to be a member of an AFL team?

- 58% of Fall Leaguers have reached the Major Leagues

- 212 MLB All-Stars

- 66 MLB Silver Sluggers

- 58 MLB Gold Glove Awards

- 34 MLB Managers

- 25 MLB Rookies of the Year

- 14 MLB season hits leaders

- 14 MLB season stolen-base leaders

- 11 MLB season RBI leaders

- 11 MLB season batting champions

- 9 MLB season home run leaders

- 8 All-Star MVP's

- 12 Most Valuable Players Awards

- 4 Cy Young Awards

- 3 World Series MVP's

"The Arizona Fall League is a natural progression for guys that are on a certain after their full season is over and be against a higher caliber." - Mike Scioscia.

Making the Arizona Fall League is a true honor, and for eight Angels prospects, it's become a new reality to face a higher level than what they may have seen.

Kaleb Cowart, Third Baseman
DOB : 6/2/1992
Bats : Switch
Throws : Right
Drafted : Angels, 2010, 1st Round (18th overall)
2014 Stats : AA Arkansas - .224/.293/.325, 27 XBH, 6 HR, 54 RBI

Cowart has not blossomed to become what scouts believe his potential is, but he is still young enough to make adjustments and become the Angels next big hitting prospect.

Swing mechanics have been an issue with Cowart since the beginning of the 2013 season, so halfway through the 2014 season, the Angels turned Cowart from a switch-hitter, to a left-side of the plate only hitter. His swing is long but has shortened over time.

Cowart's defense has been a standout due to his strong arm. After a long time pitching in his pre-professional career, he developed a strong arm. His glove is above average as well, putting him as the top defensive third base product in the Angels farm system.

Trevor Gott, Right-Handed Relief Pitcher
DOB : 8/26/1992
Throws : Right
Drafted : Padres, 2013, 6th Round (178th overall)
2014 Stats : AA Arkansas / AA/A+ (SD) - 2.91 ERA, 58.2 IP, 59 K, .225 BAA, 1.21 WHIP, 18 SV

Gott was more than just a package piece in the Huston Street trade, as he has potential to be a future Major League closer as well.

Gott is able to fire his fastball in the zone anywhere from 92-96 MPH and has outstanding natural sink, helping him induce a high amount of ground balls. Gott offers a slider/changeup combo for off-speed pitches, but tends to shy away from his changeup.

Gott's largest strength is repeating his delivery, and with simple mechanics, finds ways to throw a high amount of strikes.

Chad Hinshaw, Outfielder
DOB : 9/10/90
Bats : Right
Throws : Right
Drafted : Angels, 2013, 15th Round (457th overall)
2014 Stats : A+ Inland Empire/A Burlington - .268/.365/.465, 49 XBH, 15 HR, 63 RBI, 39 SB

Hinshaw is probably the least known name of the eight Angels prospects heading to the AFL. He has quietly become one of the better Angels prospects though, due to his grinding abilities.

Hinshaw leads the Angels farm system in stolen bases by 11, and is not afraid to run through a wall if necessary, being one of the more aggressive base path runners in the system.

Hinshaw's line drive swing has helped him to be second in the system with extra base hits, and his quiet power comes quietly with his condensed swing.

Dan Reynolds, Right-Handed Relief Pitcher
DOB : 5/2/1991
Throws : Right
Drafted : Angels, 2009, 6th Round (201st overall)
2014 Stats : A+ Inland Empire / AA Arkansas - 2.90 ERA, 62.0 IP, 1.242 WHIP, 9.1 K/9, 2 SV

Reynolds was a high school product for the Angels, and served some suspension time in the early stages of the 2012 season after a "drug of abuse."

Since then, Reynolds has shown his worth, firing his high 90's fastball into the strike zone. He has avoided over throwing the pitch since moving to the bullpen, and has allowed just one home run this season.

Mark Sappington, Right-Handed Relief Pitcher
DOB : 11/17/1990
Throws : Right
Drafted : Angels, 2012, 5th Round (177th overall)
2014 Stats : A+ Inland Empire / AA Arkansas - 3-11, 6.01 ERA, 109.1 IP, .285 BAA, 1.78 WHIP, 4 SV

2014 was an odd season for the development for Mark Sappington. He had trouble finding the strike zone in the early part of the season as a starter. Once he moved to the bullpen, he became one of the most lights out pitchers in the Angels system once again.

Sappington's fastball sits anywhere from 95-97, tapping 98 on occasions, with solid movement. Sappington has a pair of off-speed offerings but his slider is the standout. Sitting in the mid to high 80's, his slider has a strong movement and has batters swinging and missing on strong occasions.

Sappington has become more athletic, making his delivery simpler, which makes it easier for him to throw strikes, which eluded him in the early parts of the season. His new closing role has been a strong part of his progression, and could be what his final role is in the Majors.

Nate Smith, Left-Handed Starting Pitcher
DOB : 8/28/91
Throws : Left
Drafted : Angels, 2013, 8th Round (247th overall)
2014 stats : A+ Inland Empire / AA Arkansas - 5-3, 2.97 ERA, 118.0 IP, 9.0 K/9, .210 BAA, 1.13 WHIP

Smith won't over match you with his stuff, but can more than likely pitch better than you can hit.

Smith has a high 80's to low 90's fastball, a slider, curveball, and changeup mix, all with incredibly good command due to Smith's easy delivery.

Angels GM Jerry Dipoto regarded him as one of the better picks in the last few years for the Halos, and he has shown it while progressing through the minors at a rapid pace.

Eric Stamets, Shortstop
DOB : 9/25/1991
Bats : Right
Throws : Right
Drafted : Angels, 2012, 6th Round (207th overall)
2014 stats : AA Arkansas - .231/.293/.305, 17 XBH, 19 RBI, 11 SB

Stamets spent an extended time of the 2014 season on the disabled list. However, the young middle infield prospect showed why he's one of the Angels elites.

Stamets bat has never been his threshold as his swing isn't awful, but it just isn't great. Progress has been shown in small ways mechanically, but not enough to make him a solid prospect just yet. Stamets is one of the better bunters in minor league baseball though.

The most impressive part of Stamets game is his glove, and it is by far the best in the entire system. This helps with his large range and solid release of the ball. Stamets also has explosive speed in both directions, as well as the base paths, helping his range and base running.

Cal Towey, Catcher/Infielder/Outfielder
DOB : 2/6/1990
Bats : Left
Throws : Right
Drafted : Angels, 2013, 17th Round (517th overall)
2014 stats : A+ Inland Empire - .277/.364/.415, 38 XBH, 9 HR, 56 RBI

Towey sees a lot of pitches which means three things, he reaches base a lot, he walks a lot, and he strikes out a lot. His ability to reach base is his strong hold though.

Towey provides some power with his line drive swing and strong balance at the plate. However, he is not a long ball hitter.

Towey has moved around defensively over the 2014 season, playing behind the plate, third base, and the corner outfield positions. It is unlikely Towey returns behind the plate, despite his interest in doing so.

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