2014 Recap : DSL Angels

Dominican Summer League Angels, 2014 In Review, Players and Pitchers of the Year

For the Dominican Summer League Angels, development was a big process for the 2014 season.


The foreign Angels sent a young team to the field every day against raw talent. The Angels international spending, or lack of, showed that the talent didn't quite match up, but the grit did.

With only six playoff spots in a 36 team league, getting to one of those elusive spots was a challenge and the Angels did not come close, falling 20 games back of the division title at the end of the season and 15.5 back in the wildcard with their 31-39 record.

However, the Angels showed strength in many departments, growing their young international players closer towards playing in the states.

The Angels offense fell in the latter part of the league when it came to most statistics, falling last in total bases, and lowest five or worse in five separate departments for the league (hits, total bases, slugging percentage, doubles, triples).

When it came to pitching, specific arms stood out, but as a group, pitching sat around league average for the season. Where the pitching staff did shine was in strikeouts per nine and were the best team in shutting out offenses with eight over the course of the season.


G - Jeyson Sanchez, 66
PA - Jeyson Sanchez, 273
AB - Gabriel Santana, 234
R - Gabriel Santana / Jeyson Sanchez / Angel Almao, 32
H - Gabriel Santana, 58
2B - Jeyson Sanchez, 12
3B - Jonathan Arias / Goldny Mills, 2
HR - Gabriel Santana, 6
RBI - Gabriel Santana, 30
SB - Angel Almao, 20
CS - Keinner Pina, 9
BB - Angel Almao, 33
SO - Junior Pedie, 71
BA - Jonathan Arias, .308
OBP - Angel Almao, .381
SLG - Angel Almao, .380
OPS - Angel Almao, .745
TB - Gabriel Santana, 84
GDP - Gabriel Santana / Angel Almao, 6
HBP - Jeyson Sanchez, 13
SAC - Angel Almao / Argenis Diaz / Goldny Mills, 3
SF - Junior Pedie, 5


Gabriel Santana, seventh in home runs (6)

Jonathan Arias, Infielder

Arias hit safely in 22 of his 32 games this season, having 13 of those go as multi-hit games. Arias shined as probably the most affiliate ready player on the DSL team. His .330/.356/.412 slash against right-handed pitchers lead the team and .308 season batting average lead the team as well. From the fifth to eighth innings, Arias had a .423 batting average and lead off innings with a .387 on base percentage.

Angel Genao, Catcher/Outfielder

With just one error behind the plate, Genao found himself as a leader behind the plate over the 2014 season. His .294 batting average and abilities to see a boat load of pitches helped his .365 on base percentage. Genao's .411 batting average in the latter innings (sixth-eighth) was among team leaders.


W - Alexander Valdez, 7
L - Crusito Mieses, 6
ERA - Lianmy Galan, 1.50 (minimum 20.0 IP)
G - Alexander Valdez, 24
SV - Alexander Valdez, 5
IP - Junior Pimentel, 70.0
HR - Manuel Rondon / Jefry Yan, 3
BB - Junior Pimentel, 34
SO - Manuel Rondon, 66
HBP - Andres Heredia, 10
WHIP - Lianmy Galan, 0.792 (minimum 20.0 IP)
H/9 - Lianmy Galan, 4.9
BB/9 - Raymundo Gonzalez, 1.3
K/9 - Alexis Peralta, 10.9
K/BB - Jaime Barria / Raymundo Gonzalez, 5.0


Alexander Valdez, eighth in wins (7)
Alexander Valdez, eighth in games (24)

Lianmy Galan, Right-Handed Reliever

Galan lead the team with his 1.50 earned run average and 0.792 WHIP. Also leading the team was his .157 against average. As a starter (three games), Galan posted a sub one ERA (0.69) and allowed just eight base runners in 13 innings. Left-handed bats hit an astonishable .053 against Galan over the season.

Crusito Mieses, Right-Handed Starter

Probably the pitcher with the most promise at the beginning of the season did not disappoint with a strong 2014 season. Though the wins did not come with his 3-6 record, Mieses finished 2014 with a 1.83 earned run average and a .207 against average, maintaining his strength of shutting down bats (6.48 H/9). As the season went on, Mieses got better and better, dropping his ERA each month (June, 2.33 / July, 1.55 / August, 1.13). Control maintained to be a struggle for Mieses with his 24 walks and six hit batters (3.37 BB/9).

Luis Pena, Right-Handed Reliever

After serving a 50-game suspension for substance abuse, Pena was a shut down pitcher once again. Pena did not pitch enough innings to qualify for team leading statistics, but he would have lead the team with his 0.55 ERA, .130 against average, and 0.622 WHIP. Pena allowed just two hits to right-handed batters over the season and did not allow any leadoff hitters to reach base.

Manuel Rondon, Left-Handed Starter

A fine surprise for the Angels came in the form of Rondon. Rondon posted a 2.30 earned run average and .237 against average, pitching to contact and finding ways to force ground balls with his sinking fastball (1.05 GO/AO). With runners in scoring position, Rondon remained effective with his .183 against average. He was also the only Angels pitcher with a game with double digit strikeouts (11, 6/9 vs. Braves).

Alexander Valdez, Right-Handed Closer

Valdez shined as the closing pitcher for the Angels, posting a 2.38 earned run average. In non save-situations, Valdez boasted a 0.825 WHIP, 1.42 ERA and struck out 9.09 per nine.

InsideTheHalos Players of the Year from Dominican Summer League Angels:

Most Valuable Player : Gabriel Santana
Batter of the Year : Jonathan Arias
Clutch Batter of the Year : Angel Molina
Pitcher of the Year : Lianmy Galan
Starter of the Year : Crusito Mieses
Reliever of the Year : Alexander Valdez / Luis Pena
Surprise of the Year : Manuel Rondon

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