Angels Scouting Reports, Draft Picks #11-#15

Scouting Reports on Los Angeles Angels draft picks #11-#15.

11. Jimmy Barnes, OF, Deep Creek High School (VA)

Barnes is a bat first outfielder. He has a free and easy swing and with some added weight and time at the gym (which he does frequently), he should add some nice power. Barnes has average speed and will be able to cover ground in the corner outfield positions with ease. He also has a small flaw in arm strength, but it won't cause him to be a liability in the field. With strength and more physical growth into his already six-foot-four and 190 pound frame, he should be a nice middle of the order bat with some line drive power to his game.

12. Dalton Blumenfeld, C, Hamilton High School (CA)

Blumenfeld has some nasty pop in his game. He's possibly one of the more prestigeous prep power hitters across the nation. Though his swing tends to get long at times, there's no fear of him being a high strikeout kind of player. Defensively, he gets up quick and has a nice arm, and should remain behind the plate. Blumenfeld, combined with Barnes, are very nice early teen draft picks, with the hope that both will sign.

13. Jeffrey Boehm, OF, Illinois-Chicago

Undeniably, Boehm was the best bat to take at this point in the draft. Honestly, he was the best player at this point. Boehm has a bat ready for Single-A right now. He has great bat speed that brings power from the left-side into his game. Boehm was a left-handed pitcher at Kentucky before tranferring to UL-Chicago, and threw consistently in the 90's which brings attention to his defense. Mixed with his great arm, Boehm has enough speed and range to play all parts of the outfield and rarely makes mistakes in route taking making him a more desirable piece to the Angels organization.

14. Ryan Vega, OF, El Paso Community College

Vega was the fifth ranked Texas college outfielder by, and all for good reason. Vega had good balance at the plate, and despite slightly less than average power, will be a threat at all time with good contact and a drive behind the ball. Vega has good speed both on the base paths and in the field, which mixed with his arm strength and accuracy will keep him as a strong fielder for the future. Where Vega stands out primarily is his baseball instinct, and ability to slow down the game and bring it to his pace.

15. Nathan Bates, RHP, Georgia State

Sadly, we don't have a high load of information when it comes to Bates. He has a durable frame at six-foot-seven and 205 pounds, and from tape, he throws downhill with ease (see height). He could add a few ticks with quicker arm speed which he'll learn from Minor League coaches. It may take some time to get Bates' command and velocity to matchup with each other, but he's just 21-years-old which gives the Angels some time to develop him at a good pace.

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