Angels Scouting Reports, Draft Picks #16-#20

Scouting Reports on Los Angeles Angels draft picks #16-#20

16. Nathan Bertness, LHP, McLennan Community College (TX)

Coaches have told us that Bertness is the best he's ever been right now, due to the change of going from a "thrower" to a pitcher. Bertness has figured how to use his tall frame (six-foot-six), to add his already advanced deception. We don't have velocity charts on the southpaw, but have seen how well he stays behind the ball and drives with his lower body. Bertness has a free and easy arm which gives little concern for future injury.

17. Samuel Pastrone, RHP, Arbor View High School (NV)

It may be a challenge for the Angels to get Pastrone out of his UNLV committment, but if they do, they may have caught a gem. He's still raw, which most 18-year-olds are, so his off-speed pitches are still being found and developing. His fastball is something special though. It sits mostly in the low to mid 90's, anywhere from 90-94, but has rocketed into the 97 MPH range at times. Pastrone also drives well, which adds on to his velocity and repeats his mechanics enough to be tested as a starter, depending on his physical growth.

18. Travis Herrin, RHP, Wabash Valley College (IL)

Herrin is the perfect kind of pitcher to develop. He has sound mechanics and all his pitches come in at right around average. Herrin really knows how to spin it and has place his slider for a strike.

19. Aaron Cox, RHP, Gannon University (PA)

Yes, the brother of the girlfriend of Mike Trout. Okay, that's put away and we can talk about a good pitcher. Cox has a fine arsenal and was a quiet steal in the late teen rounds. He has good command and has the mindset to go after guys which could put him in a bullpen role in the future. He has become a refined pitcher with good knowledge of how to pitch with his low to mid 90's fastball and average slider. Cox could be a starter due to his athleticism, as he was a two-way player at Gannon and is a talented basketball player as well.

20. Kenny Towns, 3B, Virginia

How Towns fell to the 20th round is somewhat beyond us. Town really strikes the ball hard, and has no trouble making contact. Both these things are such a plus that we want to alert you that he's our "must watch draftee" from this draft. Town isn't necessarily a power hitter, but he definitely has the ability to crush the ball. Towns has a good approach at the plate and doesn't strike out very often. He has above average speed for a corner infielder. The only knock on Towns is his defense, but he has a good arm, so with coaching, he should turn into a third baseman with no defensive liabilities in the future.

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