Angels Scouting Reports, Draft Picks #21-#25

Scouting Reports on Los Angeles Angels draft picks #21-#25

21. Michael Pierson, 3B, Appalachian State

Pierson grew up a shortstop and made the move to third, but it's no knock on his defense. Pierson is an outstanding fielder with a strong and accurate arm, mixed with a solid glove. Pierson has a strong swing and should be able to compete at the next level with both his defense and bat. Pierson's biggest upside is his work ethic as an old teammate noted that he would always take extra batting practice and work incredibly hard both at the field and in the gym to prep for a professional career.

22. Ronnie Glenn, LHP, Pennslyvania

Glenn is a desirable southpaw at this point in the draft that could have a big impact down the road. Glenn was a starter at Penn, and was durable to the point of throwing 115 pitches in one start. However, the desire may come in the bullpen, where Glenn can turn his fastball that sits 88-92 MPH, into one that takes off into the mid 90's. He had some control problems, but after his first few games his senior season became a guy with little to no control problems. He has a nice frame and can throw his changeup for strikes, so a starting role isn't out of the question, but our first look at him made us think lefty who can face guys on both sides of the plate out of the bullpen due to his quick work and aggressive nature. Oh, another note. Glenn is a character guy who went to an Ivy League school, who is known for his community work (PLUS!).

23. Tim Arakawa, 2B, Oklahoma State

Arakawa has more to like about him than nearly any other guy in this draft, and it all comes to the Angels in the 23rd round. Arakawa has little power (he's 5-foot-8 and 175 pounds), but has a mix of speed (he's fast) and grinding mentality to carry him through the minors. Arakawa also has a nice approach, and strong knowledge of the strike zone, which will result in many walks. Arakawa's biggest element is his emotion and love for the game. He's played baseball since he could walk and has a love for winning above nearly any other. Teammates love him and he's a great guy to have in any clubhouse. His emotion doesn't effect him in the field as he carries to same approach to each at bat, and shines in clutch situations. Hmm, an undersized second baseman who comes up big in the clutch and easy to like, remind you of anyone (cough, Johnny Giavotella, cough).

24. Mitch Esser, OF, Concordia

Alright, we did some research on Esser because we didn't know much and found one little tidbit that Angels fans will love; he doesn't like the Dodgers. Beyond some personal opinions, Esser is a quality player. He has a confident approach, mixed with speed and some power to the game according to coaches, and is a far and away, great fielder. He won a College Gold Glove, and is notoriously known for making diving plays, and taking away the running game with a cannon of an arm from the outfield. Anybody else thinking Mark Shannon?

25. Trever Allen, OF, Arizona State

Mention Trever Allen's name in Tempe, Arizona, and people will go nuts. Allen is one of the most decorated players in ASU history, and grew up in the area as well (maybe he'll spend some time with the AZL affiliate). Allen is also a strong community man, who is known for his character and passion to help people beyond himself. On the field, Allen plays at 100% (because 110% isn't a real thing). Everything you want in an outfielder comes in to play and he should be a fine piece to the Angels farm system.

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