Albert Pujols Milestone Watch 2016

Pujols 2016 Milestone Watch; Find out where Albert Pujols ranks all-time and who he'll be passing historically in each statistical category as the season goes on.

Five days until Opening Day, so what better time than to look at #5 and where he stands in the course of history. Albert Pujols will be the first to tell you the game has nothing to do with numbers, excluding one - wins. However, it's fun to look at and see how good players have been, and can be, over the course of their careers, and Pujols matches up with some of the best.

For the second straight year, we've put together preseason Milestone Watch List for Pujols. You can find last year's preseason Milestone Watch, HERE. The names have only become more premier with time, and he's jumped near the top of every offensive statistic in baseball history.

All statistics listed below are places where Pujols ranks in the top 100 all-time, with the immediate front runners ahead of him in each statistic, along with where he would line up if he matched his past seasons' statistics. As you can see, the names are illustrious, as is Pujols in the course of Major League Baseball history.

Statistics are based on Baseball-Reference Leader Boards. Some statistics will change through separate websites (i.e. Fangraphs, Baseball Prospectus, etc.).

Wins Above Replacement

Pujols had his lowest WAR output for a full season last season, which tends to come with aging players. However, Pujols was still valuable enough to be a three-win player, and if he matches, he could jump into the top 30 and become just the 32nd player in MLB history to be worth 100 wins over the course of a career.

28. Randy Johnson, 102.1
29. Christy Matthewson, 101.7
30. Joe Morgan, 100.3
31. Warren Spahn, 100.2

Wins Above Replacement - Position Players

The importance of an every day player is sometimes undervalued due to how often pitching becomes the difference in championship runs. However, Pujols has been a carrying force in the every day lineup year-after-year. With the same offensive prowess as last season, he could become the 21st position player to be worth 100 wins in his career.

17. Nap Lajoie, 107.4
18. Frank Robinson, 107.2
19. Mike Schmidt, 106.5
20. Joe Morgan, 100.3

Offensive Wins Above Replacement

Once again, Pujols saw a career low in offensive wins, but put together value worth two-wins according to analytics with his bat alone. He'll constantly be known for his bat as opposed to his defense, which isn't bad - two-time Gold Glove Winner. With a similar offensive output to last season, Pujols could leap frog into the top 25 all-time.

22. Eddie Matthews, 93.8
23. Cap Anson, 90.9
23. Mike Schmidt, 90.9
25. Chipper Jones, 87.4

Plate Appearances

Though it's not a statistic many gander at, it shows longevity in a career and shows consistency as a front of the lineup bat. As Pujols' career goes on, he could see his name in the top 50 in times going to the plate, giving him more power towards leading offensive categories.

54. Nap Lajoie, 10461
55. Steve Finley, 10460
56. Bill Dahlen, 10405
87. Doc Kramer, 9927
88. Mickey Mantle, 9907

At Bats

This is familiar to the statistic listed above. Not much more to say other than he'll break into the top 100 all-time this season pending a serious injury.

64. Doc Cramer, 9140
65. Frankie Frisch, 9112
66. Zack Wheat, 9106
100. Fred Clarke, 8584
101. Lou Whitaker, 8570
102. ALBERT PUJOLS, 8545

Runs Scored

The game of baseball can be broken down into simple terms. Score more than the other team. That's how it works in every sport, excluding golf. Every time Pujols crosses home plate, it adds to his team's chance of winning, and he's done well in his career so far at doing so. If he matches, or gets near his runs scored from last season, he'll break into the top 30 all-time.

28. Bid McPhee, 1684
29. Mickey Mantle, 1676
30. Dave Winfield, 1669
47. Jake Beckley, 1602
48. Ed Delahanty, 1600


Pujols has always been able to hit, there's no denying that. Collecting hits adds base runners, which adds runs, which adds wins. Pujols could break into the top 50 all-time in hits with a similar output to last season, which saw the least amount of hits he's had in his career.

50. Ken Griffey, 2781
51. Andre Dawson, 2774
52. Johnny Damon, 2768
68. Fred Clarke, 2678
69. Luis Aparicio, 2677


The luring foot injury may hold Pujols back in this statistic. He'll still drive the ball to the gaps, but won't be beating out many tough plays, so his doubles may drop drastically over time. However, he's been one of the best all-time at hitting doubles, and could be nearing the top 10 all-time by matching his career low of 22 last year.

11. Paul Molitar, 605
11. Paul Waner, 605
13. Cal Ripken, 603
17. Rafael Palmeiro, 585
18. David Ortiz, 584

Home Runs

This is the one most people will remember Pujols for. He's been a constant home run hitter, reaching his seventh 40 home run season last campaign. He's already among the best all-time, and going further and further on the list towards the top. He could become one of the top 10 home run hitters in MLB history with just 23, and if he matches last year's total, become the ninth player all-time with 600.

10. Mark McGwire, 583
11. Harmon Killebrew, 573
12. Rafael Palmeiro, 569
13. Reggie Jackson, 563

Extra Base Hits

Mix in everything about the past two statistics and you meet this. Pujols is just 27 extra-base hits away from reaching the top 10 all-time in extra-base hits. You likely won't see him hit a triple as he's only hit three since 2008, and 16 in his career.

7. Ken Griffey, 1192
7. Rafael Palmeiro, 1192
9. Lou Gehrig, 1190
10. Frank Robinson, 1186

Total Bases

Another mixture of just about everything from the past four stats. Adding together hits singles, doubles, triples and home runs, his total base total was under 300 for the third straight year, something he'd never seen in his career prior. If he gets anywhere near the 300 mark, he could leap into the top 15 with ease.

13. Ken Griffey, 5271
14. Dave Winfield, 5221
15. Cal Ripken, 5168
18. George Brett, 5044
19. Mel Ott, 5041

Runs Batted In

This is a team effort statistic, but Pujols is knocking on the door of the top 20 all-time in run production. He hit less than 100 for the third time in his career last year, but with new faces setting the table ahead of him this year, he could jump back into that 100 mark again, and see a place in the top 20 ever.

21. Honus Wagner, 1732
22. Frank Thomas, 1704
23. Reggie Jackson, 1702
24. Jim Thome, 1699

Grounded Into Double Plays

This isn't the most desirable statistic, but it's hard to ignore when he's already in the top 10. If he goes anywhere near five double plays hit into, he'd be in the top five in history.

5. Dave Winfield, 319
6. Eddie Murray, 315
6. Jim Rice, 315
8. Julio Franco, 312

Times On Base

Reaching base is a more desirable statistic than it ever has been, due to analytics and on-base percentage being a desirable statistic. Reaching base will never be undervalued, and Pujols is among the best in history in doing so. If he reaches base (hit, walk, hit by pitch) just 71 times, he'd become the 46th player to do so 4,000 times in a career.

38. Jimme Foxx, 4111
39. Rod Carew, 4096
40. Charlie Gehringer, 4075
49. Jesse Burkett, 3954
49. Omar Vizquel, 3954
51. Harold Baines, 3942

When all is said and done, Pujols will likely be remembered for his days with the St. Louis Cardinals, but he's strung together a nice history with the Los Angeles Angels as well. Listed below are a few statistics Pujols could leap frog into Halos history with.

- 15 Home Runs away from Top 10 in Angels' history
- 48 Runs Batted In from Top 15 in Angels' history
- Two Intentional Walks from Top 5 in Angels' history

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