10 Prospects To Watch : Arkansas Travelers

10 prospects to watch, who will begin the season with the Angels Double-A affiliate, Arkansas Travelers

10 PROSPECTS TO WATCH FROM THE Los Angeles Angels DOUBLE-A AFFILIATE, Arkansas Travelers

- Victor Alcantara, Right-Handed Pitcher

Highly regarded as one of the top Angels pitching prospects, Alcantara will get his first taste of Double-A just a few days after his 23rd birthday. Statistical results have never been a high point for the young international prospect, but his mid to high 90's fastball, plus changeup and plus slider looked superb during Spring Training. The Angels protected Alcantara from the Rule-5 Draft adding him to their 40-man roster just prior to the draft and expect him to excel. Double-A should be the defining mark of whether he lands in the bullpen, or remains in the rotation.

Scout.com's #12 ranked Angels prospect in 2015

- Austin Adams, Right-Handed Pitchers

Three things; first, .224 opposing slugging percentage; second, 13 extra base hits allowed against 499 batters; third, 7.89 walks-per-nine. Those are Adams' statistics that are mandatory to look at the past two seasons. He's repeating his time in Double-A, but only likely to get his control under control. His stuff is incredible, and his numbers will show it, nearly enough to turn him into a Major Leaguer this year. But, until his walk rates go down, he'll remain in the minors.

Scout.com's #30 ranked Angels prospect

- Eric Aguilera, First Baseman/Outfielder

Last year, Aguilera nearly became the sixth prospect in Angels franchise history to win the system Triple Crown, batting .327 with 16 home runs and 94 RBI in the Cal League. He's hit everywhere he went, up until his final 33 at bats of the season, in Double-A. He'll now have a full season to prove he truly can hit everywhere while continuing to develop into a well rounded player.

Scout.com's #36 ranked Angels prospect

- Geoff Broussard, Right-Handed Pitcher

Broussard got a quick taste of time in Double-A last season, but this all came after 50 innings in the Cal League that saw a 2.42 ERA, 0.963 WHIP and 14.5 strikeouts per nine. He's getting a second chance at a professional baseball career with the Angels and has turned himself into someone to be noticed.

Scout.com's #52 ranked Angels prospect

- Andrew Daniel, Infielder

Guys like "Andy Dandy" go unnoticed through their career, until they hit the upper levels of the minors and excel. This is Daniel's year to show his .291 average and .811 OPS at the lower levels of the minors are no fluke. His compact swing will fit very well in Dickey-Stephens Ballpark, which should allow him to be a key point to the offense every night.

Scout.com's #33 ranked Angels prospect

- Tyler DeLoach, Left-Handed Pitcher

The biggest surprise for Little Rock is that DeLoach will not be in the rotation, and Alex Blackford will take his place. DeLoach also put up numbers last season that would note he doesn't belong back, and should be in Triple-A. It may be a short stint in Double-A, but a role in the bullpen will be something to eye in on for the funky delivery southpaw.

Scout.com's #39 ranked Angels prospect

- Chad Hinshaw, Outfielder

No prospect has risen in past seasons the way Hinshaw has. After back-to-back performances of success in the Arizona Fall League, and a season that saw him among league leaders in the Texas League, Hinshaw is a surprising return to Little Rock. He even merited some to believe he could fill in at left field if the Angels couldn't find a solution this off-season.

Scout.com's #17 ranked Angels prospect

- Sherman Johnson, Infielder

When you look at the Travs' roster, there's really no set shortstop. This is a time for Johnson to launch his status upward with a new season at Arkansas, following a year he hit just above the Mendoza line. Even despite the low average, Johnson reached base in 32.5% of plate appearances and has reached base in over 85% of the Minor League games he's played in.

Scout.com's #31 ranked Angels prospect

- Kyle McGowin, Right-Handed Pitcher

McGowin will get the ball on Opening Day for the Travs, and will look to string together another strong year in the Texas League. A harsh start plagued McGowin's numbers on the season, seeing an ERA over four, but he did lead the league in strikeouts last season.

Scout.com's #13 ranked Angels prospect

- Angel Rosa, Infielder

There are always under the radar prospects, and somehow, Rosa has been under the radar at every level he's been at, despite a career .700 OPS in the minors. He has plenty of versatility, and will be the second youngest position player on the roster coming into the season. If anyone is set for a breakout year, it could very well be Rosa.

Scout.com's #55 ranked Angels prospect



- Kyle McGowin, RHP
- Victor Alcantara, RHP
- Jordan Kipper, RHP
- Alex Blackford, RHP
- Zach Nuding, RHP


- Austin Adams, RHP
- Geoff Broussard, RHP
- Alan Busenitz, RHP
- Tyler DeLoach, LHP
- D.J. Johnson, RHP
- Edward Paredes, LHP
- Blayne Weller, RHP
- Austin Wood, RHP


- Anthony Bemboom, C
- Stephen McGee, C
- Wade Wass, C


- Eric Aguilera, 1B
- Andrew Daniel, 2B/3B
- Sherman Johnson, 2B/SS/3B
- Anthony Phillips, 2B/SS
- Angel Rosa, SS/3B

Outfielders: - Brandon Bayardi, OF
- Chad Hinshaw, OF
- Cal Towey, OF
- Bo Way, OF

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