10 Prospects To Watch : Inland Empire 66ers

10 prospects to watch, who will begin the season with the Angels Class-A Advanced affiliate, Inland Empire 66ers


- Roberto Baldoquin, Shortstop

Between injuries and culture shock, Baldoquin had a poor year in High-A last year. He began the season with a .480 OPS in his first 38 games, and then went on to hold a .635 OPS over the final 39 games. He'll split series to series time at shortstop with David Fletcher, which will give him unique time at DH and possibly second and third.

Scout.com's #4 ranked Angels prospect in 2015

- David Fletcher, Shortstop

Fletcher is ready to become one of prospects, if not the best prospect, in the Angels organization. He's young, talented, and has all the tools to carry him into a future starting role in the infield. The test of the Cal League will be great, seeing how his bat holds up and if he finds a consistent pattern in the batter's box, which could turn him into something very special.

Scout.com's #12 ranked Angels prospect

- Zach Houchins, Third Baseman

Every year, the Cal League has a player produce insane power numbers and hit like they never have in their career due to the elements of the parks. This carries on through their career, with confidence, and Houchins fits the mold perfectly. He has a nice swing with power potential, and plays consistently well at third base. This season could lift Houchins into top prospect status, and spike his confidence, making for a turning point in his career.

Scout.com's #38 ranked Angels prospect

- Jake Jewell, Right-Handed Pitcher

When you talk to scouts about the Angels, one name always comes up. Jake Jewell is someone a lot of people in the business are paying attention to, and he'll be the main focus on Opening Day taking the mound to kick off the season. He has a new changeup that is becoming his best pitch, mixed in with a mid to high 90's fastball and average off-speed offering, he's jumping higher and higher every day on everyone's list to become a nice piece for the Angels' future.

Scout.com's #30 ranked Angels prospect in 2015, and soon to be Top 10 prospect in 2016

- Keynan Middleton, Right-Handed Pitcher

One of the best decisions the Angels farm system leaders have had in years is moving Middleton to the bullpen. That's where he'll pitch for the first time in his career this season for the Sixers. He'll be able to use a ranging low to high 90's sinker, and go away from fine tuning a few times through the order and just attack, one inning at a time.

Scout.com's #59 ranked Angels prospect

- Jeremy Rhoades, Right-Handed Pitcher

His first start in the Cal League last year was one to remember, the other were not. Rhoades struggled last season at the High-A level and is ready to return in full force and perform the way he expects to. The versatility and his abilities on the mound is too much to go unnoticed.

Scout.com's #10 ranked Angels prospect

- Eduardo Paredes, Right-Handed Pitcher

In 106 pro games, Paredes holds a 2.10 ERA, 1.018 WHIP, 2.0 BB/9 and 11.0 K/9, oh, and he's only 21-years-old. Where the numbers jump off the page are in closing scenarios. He'll have to learn to pitch well when the scenario doesn't present itself, but many teammates believe he has the kind of stuff to pitch in the Major Leagues this season!

Scout.com's #23 ranked Angels prospect

- Ayendy Perez, Outfielder

Here's something to take into consideration. Above-average speed from home to first is around 4.1 seconds; Billy Hamilton holds the record at 3.3 seconds... Perez gets there in 3.6 to 3.7. Yeah, he's stupid fast. He has no power, but could see a little confidence with any hits to the gap in the hitter friendly confines of the Cal League. Once again, he's stupid fast.

Scout.com's #75 ranked Angels prospect

- Ryan Sebra, Third Baseman

Sebra is an interesting story to follow. He wasn't drafted, and was signed out of Jacksonville State as an undrafted free agent right before the AZL season started. He then went on to hit .346 with a .868 OPS, being among the top 10 hitters in the league. The Angels are showing aggression in pushing him to High-A after this, but it's definitely worth keeping your eye on for a feel good story in the making.

- Taylor Ward, Catcher

The Angels were criticized for taking Ward in the first round, as most professionals felt he was a second or third round selection. He then went on to lead all first round picks with his .348/.457/.438 slash, all the while throwing out 35% of runners. If he continues with the bat and defensively, then the haters are gonna stop have to stop hating, right?

Angels First Round Pick in 2015



- Jake Jewell, RHP
- Justin Anderson, RHP
- Alex Klonowski, RHP
- Jeremy Rhoades, RHP
- Garrett Nuss, RHP


- Tyler Carpenter, RHP
- Harrison Cooney, RHP
- Brian Loconsole, RHP
- Keynan Middleton, RHP
- Jose Molina, LHP
- Ronnie Muck, RHP
- Eduardo Paredes, RHP
- Jordan Piche, RHP


- Jose Briceno, C
- Michael Strentz, C
- Taylor Ward, C


- Tim Arakawa, 2B
- Jeff Boehm, 1B
- Roberto Baldoquin, SS
- David Fletcher, SS
- Zach Houchins, 3B
- Ryan Sebra, 3B


- Caleb Adams, OF
- Trever Allen, OF
- Ayendy Perez, OF

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