Historic Milestone Night At Angel Stadium

Break out the record books, Albert Pujols and Mike Trout are tearing out a couple pages.

ANAHEIM -- A simple Monday night at Angel Stadium, two teams well under the .500 mark, who'd figure history could be made?

For the 34,161 in attendance, the Angels and Reds put on a home run clinic, combining for six total and nearly half-a-miles worth of feet in distance, but two left their marks on the history books. Both came in the first inning.

After Kole Calhoun pulled the first pitch of the game down the right field line for a double, Mike Trout stepped in the box, and three pitches later, put his mark in history. A 2-0 fastball, lined 417 in the opposite direction over the center field fences.

The home run was the 25th of the season for Trout, putting him in a select grouping of just two others. Frank Robinson, Eddie Matthews, and now Mike Trout, are the only three among 18,450 players to play in the Majors since 1871 to have five seasons of 25-or-more home runs prior to their age-25 season. The mentions of Frank Robinson were not finished.

Three pitches later, another fastball, sent to the bullpen beyond the left field fences for a home run. The solo-shot gave Albert Pujols 586 home runs in his career, matching Robinson for ninth all-time. It also gave the Angels' 36-year-old slugger, 1,800 career runs batted in, something only 20 players had prior. Oh, there's more? Pujols collected his 1,200th extra-base hit, becoming the seventh to do so in Major League history.

"There's always that footnote there anytime he does anything, whether he knocks in a run or hits a home run," Angels' manager, Mike Scioscia, said.

The duo themselves hit back-to-back home runs for the eighth time in their careers, which is now an Angels' franchise record, surpassing Garret Anderson and Troy Glaus.

The milestones and records weren't finished being written. Two innings later, Trout lead off the inning with a double, and was brought home promptly after on a Pujols single. It was the 100th run scored for Trout in the 2016 campaign, making him the only player in Major League history - yes, one of 18,450 - to hit 25-or-more home runs and score 100-or-more runs in five seasons prior to his age-25 season. Alex Rodriguez was the only player prior to score 100-or-more runs in a season five-times prior to the age-25 mark.

"We don't have a crystal ball," said Scioscia, "and we can't go 20 years into the future and see where Mike's career is gonna end up, or 10 years into the future and see where Albert's career is gonna end up, but safe to say when you're talking about some of the things that both of these guys have done, they're two incredibly talented players and they play for the right reasons. That's what makes them fun to be around, and what inspires all of us."

Mike Trout joined just one other player in reaching the marks of 100+ runs and 25+ home runs in their first five-seasons in the league, the other? Well who else but, Albert Pujols.

"It's always special," said Trout. "I'm very fortunate to play with Albert and be in the same clubhouse as him. Looking at his career, just being in the same sentence as him is unbelievable."

Five different players in Angels' uniforms hit home runs, matching a franchise record, the 13th time in Halos' history.

So, a random Monday against an interleague team. For some, it's just a 9-2 victory for the Angels. For others, it's a remarkable new look at the record books, with Albert Pujols and Mike Trout filling the page.

This article was written and published by Taylor Blake Ward, who serves as a Senior Publisher for Scout.com. For more updates on the Los Angeles Angels, follow Taylor on Twitter, @taylorblakeward.

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