Daniel Wright Gives Angels' Coaching Their First Impression

Though the box score will forever read, "four runs in five innings," Daniel Wright was able to impress his coaching staff and may have worked his way into the conversation for the Angels' rotation in 2017 following his debut with the club.

ANAHEIM -- 12 days. Just short of two weeks since Daniel Wright had taken the mound in a professional baseball game.

A night to impress, or at least show that he belonged, Wright took the mound at Angel Stadium. No butterflies, just another start. One pitch at a time - the first pitch.

Hit 425 feet to left field.

At 6:08 on Saturday, the first of 85 pitches that Wright would throw was hit for a home run by Carlos Gomez.

"He hit it well, that's to say the least," said Wright. "Not the way you want to start out. Kind of put me on my heels a bit."

Another run would come across home plate in the first inning of the 25-years-old's debut with the Angels. As he said, not the way you want to start out.

Wright did find a groove after the first inning, He went on to retire eight of the next 11, including five in order. Carls Gomez came to the plate a second time.

400 feet to center field.

The damage was done, and the box score will read four runs in five innings. Truly, it was three pitches that plagued Wright the entire night. Two of which came off the bat of Gomez.

Regardless of the line score, Angels' manager, Mike Scioscia, came away with positive notes from his newest pitchers first endeavor with the team.

"He really showed the ability to spin the ball" Scioscia said. "His fastball is sneaky, he got into good spots"

Coming into the game with a knowledge of his own arsenal, Wright felt his changeup was his most successful offering.

Wright threw 18 changeups, per PITCHf/x, with 12 going for strikes. An arsenal that consisted of a high 80's to low 90's fastball, short slider, big breaking curve and of course, the changeup, was able to help him create weak contact against a talented Rangers' lineup.

"Being able to throw all four pitches for a strike," Wright proclaimed when asked what made him efficient. "That's huge for me because I'm not gonna be able to blow guys away. I have to be able to get in there and show them a different look every time they come to the plate."

Though it's not known whether Wright will be the starter in five days or not, the recent waiver claim did show his coaching staff some items they feel could help their team in the future. With two starting pitchers hitting free agency, and two more recovering from Tommy John surgery, the 2017 season is an open book for any potential starter to come in and find a job in the Angels' rotation.

"He got in his game," said Scioscia. "He had to work hard to get through the five innings, but he definitely showed some stuff we can work with."

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