Jered Weaver Says His Decision on the Future Isn't Set, But It May Be This Week

Jered Weaver shines for five innings before coming out with back tightness on Monday night. Will speak about his future in the coming week before taking the mound on Sunday to close out Angels' season.

ANAHEIM -- Jered Weaver is walking through Angel Stadium with a little more emotion. He's saying hello to ushers, gate attendants, and others.

Weaver is scheduled to pitch on Sunday, which is the final day of the season, and happens to be the last day of his current contract with the Los Angeles Angels. It leaves the question, will Jered Weaver be with the Angels beyond Sunday?

"It's a little weird," said Weaver. "It's different, something I've never gone through or dealt with before."

The 11-year-veteran who has spent his entire career with the Angels, took the mound on Monday night and threw one of his finest outings of the season. Retiring the first 14 batters, Weaver allowed just two base runners in five innings before being taken out with lower back tightness.

The 33-year-old believes he'll be able to pitch on what will be his next scheduled start despite the tightness.

"Same s*** I've dealt with before."

The future for Weaver and the Angels brought an eery feeling with it following Monday's game, as Weaver said he'd meet with the media sometime in the coming week to answer questions about his future. No decision has been made from the Angels or Weaver's camp regarding 2017 or beyond, according to Angels staff.

"I've been here 11 years, it's all I've known. It's different for sure."

Undeniably one of the greatest pitchers in Angels' franchise history has an open book for the future, and whether that will be with the Angels is undecided it seems.

"I haven't really thought about next season to tell you the truth," Weaver exclaimed prior to saying he'd speak with the media this week. "I'm just focused on getting through this one."

Weaver did express that he feels he can pitch in the upcoming season, and as a starter.

"I'm not throwing the ball the way I would like to. It's been a lot better over the past four or five starts... It's a decision I'll have to make in the next couple of months at least. It'll be interesting to sit down with the wife, talk about it, and see what's going to happen."

Just two weeks ago, Weaver sat down with an old college friend to talk about future rolls. It just happened to be All-Star shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki.

The two spoke about whether or not they'd accept roles in lesser positions. For Weaver, a bullpen role. For Tulowitzki, a move to third base.

"There's kind of a sense of pride in that I could still be a start, and he wants to play shortstop for a long as he can," Weaver spoke about his friend. "That's just the competitiveness in us. It might lead me in a decision that I would have to make, but for now, I still consider myself a start. That's where my heart is."

Regardless of what the decision is for Weaver, it will be a busy week in his household. He now has two young children and a wife he has to care for, and support. The decision may be simple, or it may be challenging, but regardless, everyone will stay glued to what's in store for Jered Weaver's future in Anaheim, or elsewhere.

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