Mike Trout, 2016 American League Most Valuable Player

Mike Trout is your 2016 American League Most Valuable Player

Smiles forced by glee, and possibly, shock?

"I'm speechless," Mike Trout told MLB Network after finding out he'd won the American League Most Valuable Player Award.

Previously, the award was given to a player who had their team's success be a part of the voter's decision. This year, the best player in the league won the award despite being on a fourth place team.

For the second time in his young career, the 25-year-old superstar outfielder is the league's Most Valuable Player. The milestone also made Trout just the second player in MLB history to finish in the top two of voting five consecutive years, joining Barry Bonds (2000-2004).

Arguably the best season of his career, Trout hit multiple statistical milestones.

Trout led the American League in runs (123), walks (116), and on-base percentage (.441). He also ranked in the top 10 in batting average (.315), steals (30), slugging percentage (.550), and OPS (.991).

By advanced metrics (Baseball-Reference), Trout led all of baseball in WAR (10.6), Adjusted OPS (174), Runs Created (148), and Win Probablity Added (6.46). His 10.6 wins above replacement were the most among any player since Trout himself in 2012 (10.8)

Only one other player (David Ortiz) besides Trout in 2016 hit above .300, with an on-base percentage above .400, and a slugging percentage above .500.

Another mark that only Ortiz had done in the past 10 years (2006) was scoring over 115 run while walking over 115 times.

The only player in the Majors to hit .315 with 100+ runs batted in, 100+ runs scored, and 100+ walks - Trout. Doing so made him the youngest do so since Alex Rodriguez matched that in 2000.

Trout's 2016 campaign was the only in American League history with 25 home runs, 30 stolen bases and a .440 on-base percentage.

For just the second time since 1994, Trout led the league in walks and runs, with the other to do so since that bench mark being himself in 2013.

The numbers speak for themselves, Trout was far and away the best player in the league, and was rewarded as so.

Of the 30 voters, 19 voted Trout first, with fellow finalist, Mookie Betts, garnering nine first-place votes. David Ortiz and Adrian Beltre gained the other first-place votes. Trout collected eight second place votes, one third place, one fifth, and one seventh place vote.

It may not be the final MVP award in Trout's career, which has plenty remaining, but when history looks back at the 2016 season, Michael Nelson Trout will be recognized as the "Most Valuable" in the American League.

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